It’s Tuesday night and that means a brand new episode of WWE NXT for March 1st, and Ringside News has you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for NXT is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s NXT is set to be opened by a tag team match that pits the NXT Champion, Bron Breakker, and former champ Tommaso Ciampa against RAW’s Dirty Dawgz. Last week Ciampa faced Dolph Ziggler one-on-one and Robert Roode cost the psycho killer the match. Last night on RAW Ciampa got some revenge by beating Roode, but was then beat down by the Dawgz. Tonight the four men come to blows and we can’t wait to see who’s left standing.

Elsewhere tonight. the women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic continues as Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta face Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai, meanwhile Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez take-on Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz. Solo Sikoa faces his biggest challenge to date in the form of Gunther, Harland faces Draco Anthony, and Von Wagner faces Andre Chase’s open challenge. And our main event will see Carmelo Hayes defend the North American Championship against Pete Dunne!

So it’s set to be pretty huge episode of NXT, full of great in-ring action. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

We’re live in the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes the NXT Champion, Bron Breakker, along with the man who he took the title from, Tommaso Ciampa. Both men are wearing “Steiner” singlets.

Robert Roode comes out to his old NXT music, followed by Dolph Ziggler, but Breakker and Ciampa attack them on the ramp! All four men brawl around the ringside area and Ciampa dives over the ropes onto the Dawgz with a corkscrew plancha, then he and Breakker sit on the apron and pat themselves on the back and bark.

Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa Vs. The Dirty Dawgz

Ciampa starts the match with Ziggler and Roode is still down on the outside. Ciampa stomps Dolph before tagging Breakker. Ciampa throws Ziggler up over his head and Breakker impressively catches him and hits a spinebuster. Roode rushes back in and Breakker drops him with a right hand, but then Ziggler hits him with the Zig-Zag for a near-fall.

Roode tags in and beats Bron down, then lands a neckbreaker. The fans chant “welcome home” and Roode tells them to shut up, so they start chanting “go back to RAW”. Ziggler tags in and grabs a sleeper on Breakker as the fans chant “you don’t go here”. Breakker fights up but gets caught with a neckbreaker. Roode tags back in and hits a suplex followed by a flying forearm off the middle rope.

Ziggler back in and he rakes the face of Bron, then tags Roode for a double team but Breakker counters them both. Ciampa gets the tag and comes in hot with clotheslines to both Roode and Ziggler in the corners, then a flying double clothesline to drop both. Ciampa pulls the singlet down and looks for the Fairytale Ending but Roode runs him into the corner. Ciampa fights him off and hits Dolph on the apron, but Roode catches him with a spinebuster for a two-count.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Ciampa catapult Dolph up and over the ropes to the floor. Roode checks on Ziggler before running around to pull Breakker off the apron and prevent the tag to Ciampa. Roode throws Breakker over the barricade into the crowd, then tags into the match and hits a double-team backbreaker with Ziggler for a near-fall.

The Dawgz look to isolate Ciampa but he sends Dolph to the outside and drops Roode. Both men are down but Breakekr returns to the apron and gets the tag opposite Ziggler. Bron comes in flying with lariats and hits both men with belly-to-belly suplexes. Breakker runs for a spear but Dolph kicks him in the face. Bron ducks a superkick and connects with a powerful spear, then tags Ciampa as the fans bark.

Ciampa goes up top and Bron lifts Dolph onto his shoulders so they can hit the iconic Steinerizer! Ciampa covers Ziggler but Roode rushes in and breaks the pin attempt. Ciampa and Roode go back-and-forth but Breakker sends him out of the ring and Ciampa is able to hit Ziggler with the Fairytale Ending and covers for the pin and the win!

Winners: Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa

LA Knight is walking backstage and he tells the viewers to call anyone they can because he’s about to walk out to the ring and call-out Grayson Waller. It’s time to play the piper and *toot toot* that’s him.

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LA Knight is in the ring and the fans are chanting his name. Knight says him and Grayson Waller have been doing this since before Halloween Havoc, where he beat Knight to get the hosting job. They put each other through Hell in WarGames. Then Waller stole his car and blindsided him, taking him out of action. Well he came back and beat the holy Hell out of Waller, so he went and got a restraining order and a bodyguard. Did that stop LA Knight? Na na!

Grayson Waller and Sanga appear on the platform above the fans and Waller says he beat Knight last week and their feud is over. Knight says he can’t hear what he’s saying over the fans telling him how much he sucks. Waller says the fans suck, Knight sucks, and he’s moving on with his life. Knight holds him up and shows a picture of last week when he left him lying in the ring. Knight says they’ve wrestled twice and both times he’s left Grayson lying.

LA asks Waller to prove he has a shred of manhood in those marbles, he wants a Last Man Standing match. Waller says next week he’s getting all the likes and swipes because he’ll be the last man standing. Knight says he was hoping he’d say that because he’s going to leave Waller lying for a third and final time, not because he’s not good enough because Knight won’t allow him to win. And that’s a fact of life. YEAH!

Indi Hartwell is warming-up backstage but Persia is busy texting. Hartwell asks if she’s got her eye on the ball and Pirotta says she does. They walk off but Persia runs back to send one last text.

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Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Round 1

Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo Vs. Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta

Wendy Choo starts with Persia and gets taken down quickly. Indi tags in and tries to continue the assault but gets backed into the corner. Kai tags in and teams with Choo to slam Hartwell into the buckles, then both hit running kicks. Kai is surprised by their chemistry. Kai grabs a headlock and tags Choo, then both hit a double facebuster. Choo misses a splash in the corner and gets dropped with a lariat.

Pirotta tags in and swings for a clothesline but Choo ducks it, then Persia hits a big boot to the face. Indi tags back in and hits a clothesline following a backbreaker from Persia. Hartwell applies a submission but Choo flings her off, then rolls her up for a two. Kai tags in and hits a slow handstand kick, then attacks Persia on the apron. Kai backs Indi into the corner and hits a boot to the face for a near-fall.

Pirotta tags back in and hits a modified X-Factor on Kai but Choo breaks the pin. Choo grabs Persia and holds her so Kai can hit a running boot. Choo tags in and Kai tags instantly back in – which isn’t legal – and Choo hits a splash off the middle rope, followed by a double stomp off the top from Dakota. Kai covers Pirotta to score the pinfall and progress this unlikely duo to the semi-finals.

Winners: Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo

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We see a lengthy preview of Diamond Mine Vs. Imperium for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Amari Miller Vs. Lash Legend

The match between the former partners gets underway and Lash trash talks Amari, who eventually hits her with a forearm. Legend shrugs Amari off and connects with a pump kick. Legend lifts Miller up and… bounces her head between the top and middle rope repeatedly. Lash hits a backbreaker and bends Miller over her knee.

Amari fights free and rolls out of the way of an elbow drop. Both women slowly get to their feet and Miller hits a kick to the face, then a nice springboard moonsault. Legend slings Miller into the buckles, then lifts her up onto her shoulders and hits something of a Jackhammer for the win.

Winner: Lash Legend

Solo Sikoa is interviewed backstage. He says he’s heard that Gunther thinks he’s going to chop him all night long and beat some respect into him? Well respect is a two-way street and he’s going to give as good as he gets.

*Commercial Break*

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are looking at tractors on their phone backstage and Elektra Lopez walks past. Jensen says “I’d ride that all night long” and Elektra thinks they’re talking about her. They try to explain but she says “you wouldn’t even know what to do with a real woman”, then Jensen responds “jokes on you, I’ve never been with a real woman!” Elektra walks off and Briggs is embarassed.

Gunther Vs. Solo Sikoa

The match begins and Gunther floors Solo right away. Gunther hits a back elbow and puts Sikoa into the corner where he lands some big forearms to the chest and a European uppercut. Sikoa tries to fight back but gets dropped with a chop to the chest. Gunther twists the neck with his feet, then lifts Solo for a body slam. Solo lands some strikes but Gunther set him back with a big boot.

Gunther takes Sikoa down with a side headlock. Solo slowly climbs up but Gunther slams him right back down with a clothesline. Gunther applies a Boston crab but Sikoa crawls to the bottom rope to force the break. Gunther lands some stiff shots but Sikoa seems to be getting fired up. Solo lands a few forearms and chops, then drops Gunther with a leg lariat. Solo wants a superkick but Gunther catches it, only to get Samoan dropped. Gunther rolls out before he can get pinned.

With Gunther on the floor, Sikoa goes to the apron and hits a flying splash. Back in the ring and Solo catches him with a superkick for a near-fall. Both commentators repeatedly using the name Walter in this match by accident. Solo goes up top for an Uso splash but Gunther avoids it and locks in a sleeper. Sikoa fights it but Gunther connects with a forearm to the back of the head. Gunther reapplies the submission for a moment but just before the referee stops it, Gunther hits two powerbombs for the win.

Winner: Gunther

Dolph Ziggler is interviewed backstage. He says he still wants a title shot against Bron Breakker next week. Ciampa walks-up and says Dolph might want something but he doesn’t deserve a damn thing after tonight. They bicker until Bron Breakker walks up and says Ziggler doesn’t get to call the shots in NXT. Ziggler goads Breakker and says Ciampa probably thinks he can beat him. Ciampa says he already has, the Breakker says he’ll beat both of them in one night. Ziggler laughs and says “good luck with that kid”.

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Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are backstage lamenting their loss. Indi says they don’t even have matching gear. Persia apologises and says it’s on her, but Hartwell says they win as a team and lose as a team. Duke Hudson walks up and Persia walks off with him, leaving Indi angry.

Draco Anthony Vs. Harland W/Joe Gacy

The match starts and Anthony goes after Harland but quickly gets overwhelmed and has to bail from the ring. Gacy distracts him, allowing Harland to grab Draco by the hair and pull him onto the apron. Harland slams Draco into the corner, then splashes his back on the mat. Anthony gets to the corner and Harland slugs him with haymakers. Anthony ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulder block. Harland slams Anthony down, then bangs his head into the mat repeatedly. Harland chokeslams Anthony for the win.

Winner: Harland

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are interviewed backstage. Trick says everytime Hayes steps in the ring it’s the main event, it doesn’t matter what part of the show they’re on. Hayes says Pete Dunne was a big Champion and one of the best competitors in NXT… until he arrived. When you’re on the top like he is you’re looking down on all these dudes. And after tonight the question won’t be “who’s next for Melo?”, it’ll be “who’s left for Melo?”

*Commercial Break*

Ivy Nile is training backstage when Tatum Paxley approaches her and apologises for their loss. Paxley says she understands why Ivy did what she did. Nile says it’s not that simple, that was just a taste of what it takes if you want in Diamond Mine.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Round 1

Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez Vs. vALENTINA fEROZ & Yulisa Leon

The match starts with Jade and Leon, and Yulisa gets the better of her and dances. Raquel tags in and grabs a hold but Feroz tags in and tries to use her speed to stay on top of Gonzalez. Raquel counters a roll-up and throws Feroz into the corner. Jade tags in and hits a Frankensteiner, then a running knee against the ropes. Feroz tackles Jade out of the ring as she attempts a tag, then Leon tags back in.

Leon then throws Feroz up and over the ropes onto Raquel Gonzalez. Leon then dives through the ropes with a cannonball to Gonzalez. Back inside and Leon looks to isolate Cora and makes quick tags. Feroz botches a springboard sunset flip and almost breaks Jade’s neck, then tags Leon for a missile dropkick and she flat-out misses.

Jade fights free from a single leg Boston crab and makes the tag to Raquel. Gonzalez catches a flying Feroz and slams her, then knocks Leon off the apron. Gonzalez forearms Feroz in the chest and hits the Chingoda Bomb, then tags Cora. Raquel lifts Jade up and boots Leon as she rushes into the ring. Raquel slams Jade onto Feroz and she covers for the win.

Winners: Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez

Sarray is backstage in her bizarre schoolgirl outfit and showing her magical necklace to some other ladies. Tiffany Stratton walks-up and asks to see the necklace but Sarray won’t show it, so Stratton slams her into a garage door and walks off.

*Commercial Break*

Andre Chase W/Bodhi Hayward Vs. Von Wagner W/Robert Stone

Chase starts off hot with right hands and jumps at Wagner but gets caught and slammed into the corner. Wagner shoulders Chase repeatedly until the referee warns him, then Chase kicks him away. Wagner hits a body slam and kicks Chase several times, then throws him across the ring. Chase avoids a splash in the corner and delivers a knee to the gut, then attacks the leg of Wagner.

Chase stomps Wagner to the chants of his fans, then Bodhi and Robert Stone get into an arguement at ringside. Chase gets out of the ring to back Stone off, but Wagner gets out and decks Hayward, dropping him. Chase runs Wagner into the ring post, then sends him into the ring. He checks on Bodhi, who tells him to get away. Chase gets in the ring and eats a clothesline, followed by a modified neckbreaker and that’s that.W

Winner: Von WAGNER

Nikkita Lyons cuts another one of her Oscar-worthy promos backstage, in which she says she’s heard Lash Legend talking trash about her. Well let’s see if she can keep that same energy when they’re face-to-face.

*Commercial Break*

North American Championship

(C) Carmelo Hayes W/Trick Williams Vs. Pete Dunne

The main event gets underway and they lock-up. Dunne shoots Hayes into the ropes and he ducks and dodges him until Melo hits a bit clothesline. Hayes chops Dunne, then flips over him but gets caught with a clothesline. Dunne kicks Melo in the back and he’s bleeding from the lip. Dunne grabs the wrist and takes Hayes down, then kicks his elbow.

Pete kicks Hayes in the chest, then chops him and hits a running lariat. Hayes fires back with a lariat of his own, then both men hit stereo lariats a few times and neither back down. They keep hitting each other until they both fall to their knees. Dunne avoids a lariat and hits a tornado DDT. Dunne lifts Carmelo up and hits a modified release ex-plex, then shrugs to the camera as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Dunne has Hayes down with an arm submission. Hayes fights up with foerarms but Dunne fires right back. Dunne wants a wheelbarrow suplex but Hayes counters into a Boston crab. Dunne kicks Hayes off but gets sent into the corner. Dunne avoids a leg drop and goes to the apron where he delivers an enziguiri.

Dunne stares down Trick on the floor before getting back on the apron where Hayes leaps over the ropes and hits a DDT to him. Carmelo then rolls him back inside for a near-fall. Hayes connects with a clothesline before grabbing a submission. Dunne fights back and sends Hayes into the buckles, then jumps on his elbow. Hayes avoids a stomp to the hands and hits a springboard but Dunne counters with an elbow to the jaw for a near-fall.

Dunne counters a neckbreaker and kicks Hayes in the back. Hayes counters a suplex and hits a gnarly Codebreaker for a near-fall. Dunne grabs an ankle lock but lifts Hayes up high and kicks his arm out. Hayes avoids Dunne and hits a Booker T-esque spinning kick. Dunne catches Melo with the Bitter End but Hayes rolls away to avoid the pinfall. Dunne grabs Hayes with a triangle choke and bends his fingers.

Hayes goes through the ropes and uses them to choke Dunne and get free. Hayes hits a tilt-a-whirl arm breaker but Dunne snaps his fingers to get free. Dunne grabs Melo and looks for the Bitter End but Hayes reverses with a neckbreaker. Hayes goes to the top rope but Dunne attacks him and climbs up. Trick gets on the apron but Dunne grabs his fingers and snaps them. Hayes then knocks Dunne off the ropes and follows-up with the flying Fame-Asser for the win!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

After the match Hayes says he is a gold mine and they’re going to build Fort Knox around him. Hayes says he’s going to WrestleMania weekend and defend the title in the same match that it was born in: a ladder match.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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