Carmella proclaims herself as the most beautiful woman in all of WWE. If there’s someone that fully supports Mella in her claims and endeavors, it’s her real-life fiancé Corey Graves.

The two are set to star in a new reality-based TV series called “Corey and Carmella.” The reality show airs on WWE’s YouTube channel and explores the lives of the couple as never seen before on camera.

The first trailer for the series saw the two candidly speak about their sex life. WWE’s programing is heavily geared towards a younger audience, but the series caters to the adult demographic given the nature of its content.

Promoting the series on Bleacher Report, Carmela discussed the possibility of incorporating their real-life relationship into WWE storylines, going as far as saying that she won’t mind recreating the iconic Edge and Lita sex celebration segment with Graves.


“I mean, there are a few things I can think I would enjoy doing on TV, maybe like recreating the Edge and Lita scene.

Graves chimed in by saying that the best WWE storylines in the past sought inspiration from real-life relationships that stars had with their partners such as Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.

“If it comes to it, awesome. It’s not something we’re actively fighting too hard for, but I think, I mean, to me, the best storylines in sports entertainment throughout history have been based in reality.

“You think, like, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, but we’re in a different situation where I’m a commentator, not an active competitor. She’s an active competitor, so it’s a different scenario as opposed to having two in-ring competitors or whatever that may be.

“But I think if the opportunity presents itself, we’d both be more than happy to jump because I think we can both provide some entertainment. Let’s be honest, who’s easier to hate right now than Corey Graves and Carmella.”

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Manik Aftab

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