The Undertaker is one of the few WWE superstars who arguably became bigger than the company itself. The Dead Man is synonymous with huge WrestleMania moments, bitter feuds, and nostalgia. Taker will take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame at this year’s WrestleMania weekend in Dallas.

Booker T mentioned the prospect of the Harlem Heat against FTR in his newest Hall Of Fame podcast. He confessed that it’s a match he’d like to do since he enjoys the AEW duos’ throwback approach. The wrestling great also stated that he is maintaining in shape and would be ready if the need arises.

Booker T also addressed the suggestion that The Undertaker be inducted as a solo inductee of the WWE Hall of Fame. Some wrestlers have suggested that the Deadman be given his own class. The Hall of Famer, on the other hand, does not want that to happen.

I’ve heard, I think Bully Ray something like that. That ‘Taker should be the only one, I think somebody else said something. I think it was Ken Anderson, that Undertaker should be the only one inducted into the Hall Of Fame. My thing is, that’s going to be a short night or a long night, one of the two. Because the only way I see that happening is a bunch of guys coming up there to tell a bunch of stories to put themselves over. Where they were when this happened, when me and The Undertaker did this. I don’t want to hear those type of stories, personally.


Can The Undertaker come up and entertain for two hours, get the TV out of it, and whatnot? I don’t think The Undertaker would actually want to do something like that, come up and tell stories all night. The one thing about the Hall Of Fame ceremony has always been, when these guys finally get that moment. Dammit, they go up there and they don’t want to leave.

They want to stay up there all night, they want to talk about stories, I am like, ‘good God. Bro, we are ready to go to sleep here.’ I am sure The Undertaker is going to want to come out, say what he has to say, and he’s going to want to get the hell up out of there. I think we are going to need more people to actually have a show, other than just The Undertaker.

The Undertaker’s ability to do it on his own was then debated by Booker T. He doesn’t believe the Deadman would wish to accomplish such a thing. Booker believes that he will want to enter, say his piece, and then leave.

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