Cody Rhodes was one of the mainstays of AEW television and an integral part of the company behind the scenes as well. It is not a stretch to say he helped build AEW into what it is right now over the past couple of years. Cody Rhodes’ exit from All Elite Wrestling has sparked a lot of curiosity.

While some rumors said Cody Rhodes quit the company due to money issues, that hasn’t been the case, according to those close to him. “Tony Khan has money, and that’s not what motivated Cody here,” one insider said to Fightful Select.

Beyond that, DDP, a close friend of Cody’s, spoke to the outlet to reveal what he knew about the issue.

“Cody called me two days before. He said, ‘Listen, I’m gonna tell you something. But I can only tell you so much. But I know if I don’t call you and tell you, you’re gonna want to kill me. You’ll be so pissed off, so I have to call and tell you that I love Tony Khan. He’s a great guy. He loves me. But we’re gonna split up and I want to go off and do something else. I can’t tell you about what it is right now, but I promise at some point I will.’ I don’t want to know sometimes. You know what I mean? I want to be surprised. I gave him all of my viewpoints on everything. I don’t know if you’re doing this, I don’t know if you’re doing that, I don’t know if you’re doing this. But I gave him my viewpoints and then Cody’s a man. He’s very successful. To me whatever he does, I wish him the best. I hope I helped him with some of my insights to help direct him. But he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do.”


This is consistent with what Fightful has heard, which is that there is no ill blood between Tony Khan and people they’ve spoken to on the surface. They’ve heard that Cody and Brandi aren’t going to speak much about the matter or Tony Khan in general, and that Khan opted not to discuss it in a recent interview.

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