Joey Janela was AEW’s resident Bad Boy and he took that role very seriously. Since turning heel, Janela has shown a more relaxed and natural side of his character. It seems Janela did something shocking recently as well.

GCW’s event Welcome to Heartbreak went down last night, and it ended in chaos, as shown in the video below. After supporters were angry that Joey Janela turned on X-Pac, things got ugly. We reported earlier that X-Pac and Janela joined up to defeat Matt Cardona and Bryan Myers.

Janela surprised the GCW audience by giving X-Pac powerful superkick to the face as he was thanking the fans and teasing it as his possible final match. Fans became so enraged that they started tossing their drinks and trash into the ring. As you can see in the video below, Janela is smacked in the face with a drink at the start of the episode, and he loses his cool.

Janela physically attacked fan as he went into the direction of the splashed beverage. Metal buckets were also hurled into the ring at one point, as shown in another video posted to Reddit and in the image below, which Janela responded to by flinging them back into the audience.


Brett Lauderdale, the owner of GCW, even went down to the ruined ring to attempt to calm things down. Take a look at the videos and picture below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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