Lince Dorado is known for being part of the Lucha House Party alongside Gran Metalik and Kalisto. He is also known for his performance against Drew Gulak and Humberto Carillo in a nail-biting Triple Threat Match at Clash of Champion 2019 where he came close to becoming the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

He recently joined The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast where he recalled the time when he delivered a backstage pitch to Vince McMahon and gained his attention.

“One of the coolest things I will say that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve never seen this from a writer. I’ve only seen this from Vince McMahon. Myself, Kalisto and Mascara Dagrada (fka Gran Metalik) were having a conversation. I’m talking to Vince, and he’s kind of giving me the same thing where he’s like nodding and just agreeing just to kind of get through the conversation.”

“But then all of a sudden, I think we had said something interesting to him. And I remember reading (Chris) Jericho’s book, and he was like, ‘Never talk to Vince when he’s eating. He’s never going to be interested. And if you ever see him pick up a pen and a pad, he’s probably really interested.’ So at that point, we’re talking, and he’s kind of giving us [his attention], he’s going along with the flow.”


Dorado goes on to describe the precise moment where he realized that Lucha Party had the Boss’s undivided attention.

“But then all of a sudden, he picks up a pen and a pad, and I just remember going back to Jericho’s book, like, ‘oh, s–t,’” Dorado recalled [laughs]. “Like he’s interested in what we’re saying now. We can’t lose him! We got them here now. When he picked up the pad and pen and started writing a note from what we were talking about.

“That’s when I knew, like, ‘okay, we’re not just lucid guys to him. We could be something special. We’re interesting enough.’ That number one, we’re not being cowards and not trying to pitch ideas, but we’re also here talking to him with our balls in our hands and say, ‘hey man, put the ball in our court. Let us do this and let us do that. Let us entertain. Let us be Superstars.’”

Dorado and Metalik were released from WWE last November, disbanding the Lucha House Party. It later came to be known that the duo had requested for their release earlier due their unsatisfaction with their limited WWE TV appearances.

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