Freddie Prinze Jr. worked two separate stints with the WWE, first as a member of the creative and then as a producer and director. His second stint with the company came to an end in 2012.

Freddie recently revealed he pitched two wrestling shows to TV networks last year. He made the revelation during the latest episode of Wrestling With Freddie podcast.

“I tried to pitch two wrestling shows last year, to friendly faces only, no strangers. One of them I pitched to three networks, the other I pitched to four. People I have known for over a decade, I said, ‘I know you guys aren’t necessarily looking for this, but here’s something different.’ One was around the world of women’s wrestling and one was in the world of comedy wrestling, more theatrical wrestling.

“All times, in all seven rooms, it was, every single question, ‘How do we sell this?’ I’m like, ‘Like any other show, what are you talking about?’ ‘People know it’s fake.’ ‘People know Green Arrow is fake and no one can shoot an arrow that nice in real life except Katniss.


“What are we talking about? A lot of times, they talk about the level and quality of acting, or the lack thereof that they found. That was an argument that I wasn’t always able to match because not every great wrestler is great on the mic because they don’t have to be.”

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