The Rock is one of the most popular superstars in WWE history. An incredible run with the company led Dwayne Johnson to become one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Johnson even owns the XFL, once a cherished personal project of Vince McMahon himself.

Fans have been clamoring for The Rock to return to WWE for years. With major motion picture projects, a network television show, and constant travel around the world, it has been very difficult to find the right place and the right time for a comeback. Dave Meltzer discussed the various reasons for Johnson not coming back on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“If he’s got any kind of an action movie deal, I would say within a couple of months of that, let alone if he’s got one that takes place during that period, there’s no way he would do it. If it’s even like a month or two after, I think that there’s no way he would do it. They wouldn’t let him because the insurance and everything like that would be too high. That’s why they never let him do another one.

If he wants to do a clean slate and not do anything, but still, he’s going to be promoting this stuff. He can promote this stuff and still train, but I don’t think he can promote this stuff and do… It’s not just movies. He’s, you know, Ballers, Young Rock, he’s got TV shows that he does. I know that’s kind of the plan for next year, but yeah, but,the guy’s got a lot on his plate that’s going to be higher priority.


I know that he had the hernia that Kenny Omega had, too. There’s a lot of guys [aged] 50 on this WrestleMania. Austin’s doing it. Bill Goldberg just wrestled the other night. Austin got hurt on one of his run-ins.”

The WWE Universe is hoping The Rock finally comes back to take on Roman Reigns. The reality is that The Great One is one of the busiest men in entertainment. We will have to keep watching and waiting to see if the stars ever align for The Rock to return to WWE.

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