Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of “American Pickers” have become one of television’s all-time finest and most popular duos over the course of 21 seasons and more than 300 episodes. Their show was one of the channel’s biggest hits, and it helped shape the look and destiny of the History Network.

Wolfe recently took to Facebook to post treasure-trove of vintage pro-wrestling photographs. He requested the fans to help them identify some of the pro wrestlers in the photos. The collection was discovered on a pick a few months ago, and it’s filled with an incredible amount of wrestling photos.

Team Antique Archaeology here!

Picker Nation! We need your help identifying some of the pro wrestlers in these photos.


⁠⁠This collection was discovered on a pick a few months ago, and as you can see, it’s FILLED with an incredible amount of wrestling photos. ⁠⁠

We’d appreciate you taking a few minutes to SWIPE through some of our favorite images to see if any of the people/places look familiar to you. ⁠⁠

Leave any info you may have in the comments for us to read!

Fans identified Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in the second picture which was apparently right below the picture of Sgt. Slaughter.⁠ Obviously, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler was included in the collection which was immediately identified by the fans.

Furthermore, fans guessed that there were pictures of Jim Ross and Buddy Roberts in the third and fifth picture respectively. Take a look at the vintage 1968 to 1989 wrestling photos below and see if you can help Wolfe out with the identifications.

We’re guessing that Jim Cornette could ID each person from those photographs, and he might have even taken some of them.

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