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We’re back in Jeddah for another premium live event, and today’s show brings us two titular Elimination Chamber matches. The first of which features the WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, defending his title against Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Austin Theory, Riddle, and Seth Rollins. The second Chamber match is a number one contender bout featuring Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H, and the returning Alexa Bliss. The winner of that match will get a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Speaking of which, Becky Lynch puts her title on the line against her teen idol, Lita. Meanwhile on the SmackDown side of things, Ronda Rousey (with one arm) teams with Naomi to face Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville. Sticking on SmackDown, Goldberg challenges Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, and his cousins defend the SmackDown Tag Team Titles against The Viking Raiders. And the last match on the card sees Drew McIntyre face Madcap Moss in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

And that’s the preview for today’s premium live event. Our live coverage will begin from 11 AM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


Kick-Off Show

Alyse Ashton is joined by Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg on the Kick-Off Show. The three of them run down the entire card for Elimination Chamber, then zero-in on the women’s Chamber match. Matt Camp says Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair are the favourites because both of them have been in massive WrestleMania matches. They agree Doudrop is “best built” for the Chamber but admit Alexa Bliss is the wild card.

Natalya is interviewed backstage and she says she has a bone to pick with Rhea Ripley, who called herself the Iron Woman of WWE after her performance on Monday night. She says that’s a disctionction that belongs to her. As for the Chamber, she says any of them stand a chance but surely Liv Morgan will win something at some point.

We see a video package for Lita Vs. Becky Lynch. The panel question if Lita can come back after all this time and beat Becky Lynch but Peter Rosenberg picks Lita to win. Camp says Becky is in her prime and she can beat her idol before headlining WrestleMania. Ashton points out that if Lita wins that changes everything heading into WrestleMania and that could be a dream come true for Lita and the WWE Universe.

Next up is Drew McIntyre Vs. Madcap Moss. Matt Camp says McIntyre is looking for a path to WrestleMania and Moss and Corbin are in his way. Rosenberg says a lot is on the line for McIntyre because a loss could see him miss out on WrestleMania entirely. They agree that McIntyre has a lot more riding on this than Corbin and Moss.

We see a highlight video of Roman Reigns Vs. Goldberg. Rosenberg says Roman Reigns is the man right now and he’s going to roll through Goldberg on his way to WrestleMania. Matt Camp says let’s not forget that Goldberg’s last match was in Saudi Arabia where he beat the All Mighty Bobby Lashley. That being said, Roman Reigns has been chiselling away at the Mount Rushmore of wrestling and if he can beat Goldberg today he will go down as the best of all-time.

The panel talk the hasty tag match pairing Ronda Rousey and Naomi taking on Charlotte and Sonya Deville. They talk about Ronda having one arm tied behind her back in this match and how that will diminsh their chances. This match will be a great demonstration of where Ronda is at ahead of her match with Charlotte at WrestleMania.

The Miz Vs. Rey Mysterio W/Dominik

The opening match gets underway and Miz attacks Rey in the corner before taunting Dominik on the outside. Rey starts firing back and catches Mike with a headscissors that lands him on the middle rope. Rey wants the 619 but Miz leaps out of the ring. Miz taunts Dominik but Rey kicks him through the ropes, then sldies under the bottom rope to splash Miz!

Miz rolls back in to break the count but then rolls back out. Dominik grabs Miz and sends him into the ring. Rey backs Miz into the corner and lands a series of punches. Mysterio wants a moonsault but Miz trips him and he lands in the tree of woe, where Miz kicks him over-and-over. Miz puts Rey under the bottom rope and hits a catapult. Miz connects with a snapmare and a running kick for a two-cout. Rey fights out of a chinlock and Miz holds the ropes to get Rey off.

Dominik punches Miz through the ropes while the referee isn’t looking. Miz boots Rey down and tries to get Dominik ejected but the referee isn’t having it. Rey ducks a kick and hits a headscissors that sends Miz into the ring post. Rey goes up top and hits a senton, followed by a springboard crossbody for a near-fall. Mysterio is sent to the apron but connects with an enziguiri, then s sunset flip but Miz rolls through and DDT’s him. Rey counters Miz and hits the 619.

Miz goes outside and grabs a chair but Rey dives over the ropes onto him. Miz and Dominik wind-up struggling with the chair and Miz kicks the steel steps, pretending Dominik hit him with the chair. This time the referee does eject Dominik from ringside. Rey is objecting when miz grabs him from behind and wants the Skull Crushing Finale but Rey counters with a roll-up for the win!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Miz is shocked for a moment, then runs and attacks Rey. Dominik rushes down to help his father and together they hit a double 619, then Rey splashes Miz and they pose together. The panel reconvene to discuss the men’s Elimination Chamber match and that ends the Kick-Off Show.

Elimination Chamber

We’re live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a massive firework display inside and outside the superdome.

Roman Reigns coems to the ring flanked by Paul Heyman and The Uso’s. He gets the microphone and tells the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to acknowledge him. The fans boo and chant for Goldberg.

Universal Championship

(C) Roman Reigns W/Paul Heyman Vs. Goldberg

The bell rings after a tense staredown and neither man moves. Eventually they lock-up and Roman hits Goldberg. Roman hits him a few more times, then throws Goldberg out of the ring. Reigns goes out adn slams Goldberg into the announce desk a few times. Goldberg Irish whips Roman into the barricade, then delivers an elbow to the cranium. Back in the ring and Reigns cuts Goldberg off with a few strikes but gets caught with a spear out of nowhere!

Goldberg lifts Roman and wants a Jacknife but Roman counters and lands a urinage for a two-count. Reigns hits a Superman punch, then runs for a spear but Goldberg catches him with a second. Goldberg then lifts Roman for a Jacknife but Reigns locks in the guillotine! Goldberg runs him backwards into the buckles to break the hold but Roman hangs on and Goldberg is out.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Elimination Chamber

Bianca Belair Vs. Liv Morgan Doudrop Vs. Rhea Ripley Vs. Nikki A.S.H Vs. Alexa Bliss

The match begins with Nikki and Morgan – Bianca Belair won the Gauntlet Match on RAW, which sees her enter the match last. Alexa Bliss has a swing insider her pod. Liv and Nikki struggle for control and Morgan hits a hurricanrana but Nikki slings her neck-first into the middle rope. They go to the outside and Nikki slams Morgan down, then talks trash to Ripley.

Liv is whipped into the wall of the Chamber, then swung into the ring post. Nikki slams Liv’s face into the floor a few times as the timer appears. First out of the pod is Doudrop and Nikki asks her for a handshake but gets a headbutt instead. Doudrop lifts Nikki and runs her into the chains. Morgan tries to jump on Doudrop but gets caught and slammed. Doudrop hits a senton to Liv, then taunts Bliss.

Doudrop runs at Nikki on the outside but hits the ring post instead. Nikki is the only woman standing when Rhea Ripley is released from her pod. The fans love Ripley as she gets into the ring and Nikki runs towards the Chamber door. Doudrop attacks Ripley but eats a kick to the jaw. Rhea goes after Nikki again, who starts climbing the Chamber wall.

Ripley climbs up alongside Nikki and slams her head into the chains, causing her to fall off onto Doudrop and Morgan. Rhea gets Nikki in the ring and hits the Riptide. Nikki A.S.H has been eliminated. The timer appears again and out steps Alexa Bliss with a big smile. Bliss knocks Morgan over with a shoulder, then hits Ripley with a headscissors. Bliss hits a handspring knee-drop to Morgan for a two-count.

Liv slams Bliss into the buckles, then double knees to the back. Ripley grabs Liv and throws her across the ring. Liv climbs the ropes and Doudrop shoves her into the pod in front but Liv’s boot got caught and she fell awkwardly from the ring post. Doudrop freed Morgan from her predicament and thankfully she seems OK. Doudrop gets on the middle rope but Morgan hits her with a sunset flip and scores a pinfall. Doudrop has been eliminated.

Bianca Belair is released from her pod and she comes in and takes the fight to Morgan. Bianca hits a one-handed military press on Morgan, then a moonsault to Bliss. Ripley and Bianca come face-to-face, then one grabs Bliss and the other Morgan and they hit stereo stalling suplexes. Rhea then slaps Belair across the face and they trade blows. Morgan hits them both with Recoils, but Alexa knocks her down and hits Twisted Bliss for the pinfall. Liv Mogan has been eliminated.

We’re down to three. Ripley wants the Riptide to Bliss but she counters and hits a DDT. Belair grabs Ripley and hits the Kiss of Death for the pinfall. Bianca Belair has been eliminated. Bliss hits Belair with a Code Red for a near-fall, then wants Twisted Bliss but Bianca sends her out of the ring. Belair slams Bliss into the chamber wall a few times, then throws her back into the ring.

Bianca wants 450 but nobody’s home, then Bliss attempts a DDT but Belair handsprings out. Belair goes for a standing moonsault but Bliss gets her knees up, then rolls her up for two. Bliss with another failed roll-up. Bliss talks trash to Belair, who then picks her up and hits the Kiss of Death to win the match and book her spot at WrestleMania.

Winner: Bianca Belair

We see a video package of various WWE Superstars playing sports with disabled children in Saudi Arabia yesterday.

Ronda Rousey & Naomi Vs. Sonya Deville & Charlotte Flair

Ronda Rousey Has One Arm Tied Behind Her Back

Ronda is wearing the same Gi she wore in the 2008 Olympics. The match gets underway with Rousey and Deville but Sonya tells the referee to hold on, then pulls her arm out of the sling and she’s totally fine. Regardless, Ronda immediately forces Deville back and connects with some left hands and a knee to the gut, The fans wants Charlotte, so she tags in… then immediately back out.

Rousey tasg Naomi, who runs in and beats Deville into the corner. Naomi wants a bulldog but Sonya throws her off and into the buckles. Naomi slides under a lariat attempt, then does land her bulldog. Rousey tags back in and Judo throws Sonya. Charlotte runs in and attack’s Ronda’s useable arm, sending her into the ring post. Flair and Deville keep Ronda isolated and use lots of tags to attack the arm.

Flair boots Ronda in the face, then kicks Naomi off the apron and taunts the crowd. Rousey kicks Charlotte and hit Deville on the apron, then knees Charlotte and almost gets the tag but Charlotte pulls the rope around her waist to stop her. Flair pulls her hair before tagging Ronda down and going for the arm again. Eventually Naomi gets the tag and knocks Sonya off the apron before catching Charlotte with a hurricanrana and a springboard enziguiri.

Charlotte rolls outside and Naomi dives over the ropes onto her. Naomi gets Charlotte inside and hits a crossbody off the top for a near-fall. Naomi wants another hurricanrana but this time Charlotte counters with a powerbomb for a near-fall. Charlotte applies the Figure Four but Rousey rushes in and kicks her in the face to break it.

Deville tags in and throws Rousey out, then knees Naomi for a near-fall. Rousey tags back in and lands a flurry of strikes on Sonya, followed by Piper’s Pit. Rousey grabs the arm and trash talks Flair, who shrugs it off and watches as Rousey locks in an armbar and Deville taps!

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Naomi

Falls Count Anywhere

Drew McIntyre Vs. Madcap Moss W/Baron Corbin

The match starts and Moss takes something of an early lead but Drew drops him with a clothesline. McIntyre sends Moss to the outside and headbutts him. Corbin tries to attack Drew and run away. Moss runs at McIntyre on the ramp but gets dropped with a boot. McIntyre wants to powerbomb Moss off the ramp but Corbin runs out and stops him.

Moss then beats Drew down the ramp and hits a fallaway slam. Moss sends Drew into the steel steps before getting him back in the ring. Moss hits the ropes but gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex. McIntyre with another throw, then an Alabama Slam and Moss landed head-first into the mat – that was not good. Moss rolls out after the referee gives him the OK. Drew chases Corbin around the ring, then catches Moss with another belly-to-belly on the floor.

McIntyre hits a belly-to-belly over the announce desk. McIntyre lines-up a shot on the floor but Corbin attacks him with a chair. Corbin and Moss throw Drew through the barricade for a near-fall. Back inside and Moss goes up top but Drew climbs up with him for a superplex and a near-fall. McIntyre hits the Future Shock for a near-fall. Drew lifts Angela as Corbin rushes in and swings for him but Baron ducks it and bails from the ring. McIntyre hits a Claymore for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The Miz is interviewed backstage and tells Kevin Patrick to shut up. Yes he lost to Rey Mysterio earlier tonight but he cheated with his son! It was a handicap match. But don’t worry, he’s going to find himself a partner. A man whose an incredible athlete with good looks, just like him. And he has just the guy in mind.

We see a video of some WWE Superstars hanging out in Jeddah, doing some traditional dances and such.

RAW Women’s Championship

(C) Becky Lynch Vs. Lita

This dream match gets underway and they lock-up with Lynch immediately looking for the Dis-Arm-Her but Lita gets away and grabs a headlock. Lita drops Becky with a shoulder tackle, then catches her with two arm-drags. Lita slaps Becky across the face and catches her with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Lita wants the Twist of Fate but Becky shoves her off. Lynch avoids a splash in the corner and attacks Lita.

Becky snaps her neck on the top rope, then unloads with right hands on the mat. Lynch chokes Lita on the middle rope, then stomps her down in the corner. The fans chant for Lita as Becky climbs to the middle rope for a leg drop and a one-count. Lita fights up from a chinlock and hits a jawbreaker, then takes Becky down and lands some right hands of her own. Becky elbows Lita, kicks her in the gut, then throws her to the apron.

Becky with some strikes, then a leg drop to Lita hanging on the middle rope. Lynch hits a Bexploder, then another and taunts the crowd. Becky wants a third but this time Lita counters with a DDT. Both women start slugging it out and Lita lands some clotheslines, followed by a splash in the corner. Lita lands a splash for a two-count and wants the Twist of Fate but Becky counters. They trade pinfall attempts and Becky holds the ropes but Lita kicks out.

Lita grabs a sleeper but Becky rolls to the ropes to force the break. Becky attempts a springboard kick in the corner but Lita blocks it and hits a powerbomb for a near-fall. Lita goes up top but Becky rolls to the outside. Lita goes after her and gets Becky back inside to hit a Trish Stratus hurricanrana from the corner. Lynch counters the Twist of Fate but Lita catches her with a facebuster for a near-fall. Lita again scales the ropes but Lynch gets her down and locks-in the Dis-Arm-Her!

Lita crawls to the bottom rope but before she gets there, Lynch lifts her up and hits the Manhandle Slam and covers… but Lita gets her foot on the rope! Becky gets angry and pummels Lita with punches. Becky drags Lita near the corner and climbs the ropes to hit the Litasault but Lita avoids it and hits the Twist of Fate! Lita goes up top and hits the Litasault and covers… but Becky kicks out!! Lita lifts her up but Becky hits the Manhandle Slam for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match both women look a little emotional but Becky does her best to not let it show. Lita fights tears and poses on the ropes as her music plays. If that was her last match, Lita was awesome. One of the all time greats.

We see the awesome Hall of Fame video package for the first inductee of 2022, the greatest to ever do it, The Undertaker.

It’s time for the SmackDown Tag Team Title match and out come the Viking Raiders. Jimmy and Jey Uso attack Erik and Ivar on the outside before they reach the ring. They send Erik into the steel steps, then suplex Ivar onto Erik! WWE officials swarm the scene and say the Vikings are unable to compete tonight.

WWE Championship

Elimination Chamber

(C) Bobby Lashley Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Riddle Vs. Austin Theory Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Brock Lesnar

The main event begins with Austin Theory and Seth Rollins. They lock-up and Theory grabs a side headlock. Rollins shoots him off and hits a slingblade. The fans sing Seth’s music as he dances. Rollins misses a splash in the corner and hits the buckles, then Theory hits a fallaway slam. Theory with a clothesline in the corner, the a leaping stomp and a fisherman suplex for a two-count.

The action spills out of the ring and Rollins slams Theory into the Chamber wall a few times. Seth gets Theory up and buckle bombs him thorugh Bobby Lashleys pod, dropping the Champion in the process. Riddle is out of his pod and runs over Rollins with forearms and a penalty kick while medical come in to check on Lashley, who is still down inside his pod. Rollins hangs Riddle in the tree of woe but wastes time taunting and Riddle throws him off the top rope.

Riddle looks to climb onto the pod but Rollins jumps up and hits a reverse superplex for a near-fall. Bobby Lashley is being taken out of the Chamber. Rollins drops Riddle and hits a splash off the top for a near-fall. The timer counts down and the next man out is AJ styles. Riddle and Rollins get attacked by Styles, while Theory is still laid-out on the outside. Styles gets Rollins in a torture rack, then spins him around for a rack bomb and a two-count.

Styles leaps over the ropes with a forearm to Theory, then gets back in the ring and continues to beat Rollins and Riddle. Styles gets Riddle on the top rope facing the pod and wants a back suplex but Rollins intervenes. Theory returns and powerbombs both Rollins and Styles off the middle rope, but Riddle then hits him with a floating bro for a near-fall. Riddle hits Styles and Rollins with stereo draping DDT’s.

Riddle drops down to pump up for an RKO but stops when he sees the timer appear. The countdown lands on Bobby Lashley’s pod but he’s not there, so Lashley has to wait. Well, he would, but Lashley kicks the plexi-glass down and runs out of the pod and starts laying waste to everyone. Lashley hits an F5 to Rollins and he’s gone. Seth Rollins has been eliminated. Bobby Lashley apparently has a concussion and will not be back, meaning we’re about to crown a new WWE Champion!

Lesnar hits Riddle with an F5 and he’s gone too. Riddle has been eliminated. Lesnar then lifts Styles and hits a spinebuster. Everyone is down except Lashley, who is enjoying himself. Lashley hits Styles with a German suplex, then an F5 and that’s night night. AJ Styles has been eliminated. And we’re down to just Brock Lesnar and Austin Theory. Brock tosses Styles out of the ring and Theory wants to run out but the reeree locks the Chamber door.

Lesnar makes sure the door is locked, then takse his MMA gloves off. Theory wants nothing to do with Brock and backs away from him, moving around the ring. Brock runs after Theory, who trise to lock himself inside a pod but Lesnar kicks the door down and drags him out for a suplex on the floor. Brock smiles but Theory low-blows him! Theory gets inside and hits Brock with a boot, then a DDT for a two-count.

Now Brock is just angry and Theory begs for mercy. Theory tries scaling the Chamber and goes through the chains at the top but Lesnar clambers up behind and drags him back down. Brock gets Theory on top of the pod and slams him into the plexi-glass over-and-over. Lesnar lifts Theory up and hits an F5 off the top of the Chamber pod! Lesnar climbs down and gets Theory into the ring and pins him to win the title.

Winner and New WWE champion: Brock Lesnar

And with that we have our main event for WrestleMania. The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, will face the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Brock takes time to pose with fans at ringside for selfies as he leaves.

And that’s it for WWE Elimination Chamber from Saudi Arabia. One of the better live events of 2022 in my opinion. What did you think of the show? How do you think WrestleMania is shaping up? Let us know your thoughts below and we’ll see you back here on Monday for WWE RAW. Until then, stay safe!

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