Cody Rhodes was all over the wrestling headlines this week after he unexpectedly left AEW. Rhodes and his wife, Brandi Rhodes, were founding members of the company and both served in major backstage roles. Several AEW stars said they were stunned to hear the news.

Kenny Omega was one of a group of wrestlers including Cody and The Young Bucks that joined Tony Khan to form All Elite Wrestling. The two appeared to have a very close relationship at times. At others, they were perceived as distant.

Dave Meltzer recently interviewed Kenny Omega on Wrestling Observer Radio. During the show, the two talked about what Cody meant to AEW and the reasons they thought he was leaving. The Cleaner said Cody might not have been a good fit for AEW as it is presently constructed.

“It’s very possible that this current version of AEW just wasn’t a good fit for Cody. For me, I feel like there’s always going to be a place for him. You saw it in his ladder match with Sammy. He’s got incredible utility and he’s able to help our younger talent. It’s not anything from an in ring perspective. There’s no issues there.”


Yeah, If I had a clear cut answer for you guys, I would love to tell you, but I don’t know it, and all I can say is that whatever he decides to do, I heard he’s on a flight to Saudi Arabia. If that makes him happy, then that makes him happy. Again, The Bucks and I weren’t in this for the war. So all the guys and gals at WWE doing their thing, always wishing for the best for those guys. Always.”

We will see if Cody Rhodes really was on flight to Saudi Arabia. There has been some speculation that he could show up in WWE very soon. Kenny Omega wishes him the best if he chooses to pursue that endeavor.

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Michael Perry

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