Miro made his debut in AEW back in 2020 and there were a lot of expectations from him as he had proven to be a great performer. After a rocky start, Miro redeemed himself after beating Darby Allin for the TNT Championship. It seems he opened up about his WWE run as well.

Before AEW, Miro worked in WWE under the name of Rusev. During his time in WWE, Miro simply did not have a very memorable run for the majority of his time in the company.

Miro would over organically with fans and WWE didn’t like that and would ruin his character by involving him with nonsensical feuds and storylines. While speaking to Kurt Angle on his podcast, Miro talked about the main differences between WWE and AEW. Miro revealed that WWE was more hands-on than AEW as far as their creative approach is concerned.

Big differences, first, the creative. There are no writers, we just have Tony that writes certain things. But on a day-to-day basis, you’re pretty much in charge of your own writing. If you have a promo, yeah, Tony may have a suggestion, but usually, it’s going to be on you and what do you want to say.


The matches, yeah, we have producers, or agents, or coaches as we call them, but they’re not going to be on every match and they’re not as hands-on as WWE is. They’re not going to tell you ‘Oh, they dived in the last match so you can’t do dives before that,’ the control level, it’s all about peer-to-peer. There’s not going to be a middle man, there’s not going to be a man on top that tells you what you can and can’t do.

I had times where Vince tells me ‘Don’t smile, don’t look at the people, don’t raise your hand, don’t do this.’ Tony Khan is not going to do this, he’s a big wrestling fan and he wants to see good wrestling matches. The styles, you can tell the style is much different.

If you watch WWE, you can tell it’s kind of the same pattern, same storyline, same people. While in AEW, we’re trying to be way different than that. Our matches are different, we have a lot more Attitude Era-ish, not with the blood and stuff, but just more Attitude Era to it. It’s more adult-oriented.”

Miro has not been seen on AEW television in quite a while now. We will have to wait and see what the company will have planned for the Redeemer once he makes his return.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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