AEW got the ball rolling at Double Or Nothing 2019 and since then the company has done all it could to provide a product that true lovers of pro wrestling would enjoy. There has been a lot of growth seen over the past two years and more is yet to come. It seems Tony Khan explained the procedure behind him looking into AEW’s television ratings.

The company has managed to make headlines since AEW All Out last year thanks to its numerous high profile signings, including the likes of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson and most recently – Keith Lee.

AEW also moved to TBS from this year in order to reach a wider audience and help generate more TV ratings. While speaking with PWInsider, AEW President Tony Khan detailed the procedure as to how he looks into AEW television ratings and breaks them down.

“Well, I think it’s all context and I look at the overall rating,” he said. “But also look at the ratings for the individual segments and the quarter hours and then put it in context year over year. As you said, we’ve had a really strong year so far for Dynamite and Rampage. Rampage recently has done some of the best numbers we’ve had since October and for Dynamite this year, we’re up over 30% so far in 2022 versus 2021. Some of that has been the move to TBS and the great lead-ins, which has worked out really well for us. And a lot of it has been that the roster is stronger. And there are more great names on the roster than there were at this time last year.


So the ratings are much higher than they were when we started 2021. And that’s something I’d like to keep up and a trend we’d like to keep continuing. So I think this is a week where you have to make it a must-watch show, and this is a week where hopefully with surprises and the positive word of mouth about last week’s show. The really great match that Punk and MJF had, the great segment was Danielson and Moxley or even coming off Rampages.

So looking at the ratings, absolutely, in my position, in our position, you really do care what the number is each week. But it’s also important to look at what drew, within the show. What segments did well and then when you’re planning the next week show, you look at that at.  I definitely learned a lot and I try to do that every week. And hopefully, make a more informed decision on scheduling the show and putting the formats together.

As I said, for the show to be up over 30% where we were last year, it’s pretty awesome. And it bodes really well for us. And I think we can keep that momentum going. So from talking to TNT and TBS executives several times a week about these numbers for the different shows, for Dynamite and Rampage, the different demographics, they spend a ton of time studying it and have given us a lot of really positive feedback about our growth, particularly in the young audience where we’ve got huge growth year over year.”

Tony Khan believes everything is going fine with AEW Rampage, but others don’t feel the same way. Despite this, it remains to be seen how AEW will increase their television ratings.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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