Tony Khan was falsely reported to have filed paperwork to run for Congress in Florida. Pro Football Talk initially ran the report, which cited a Federal Elections Commission filing that listed Tony Khan as a candidate in the state’s 4th district. Khan quickly denied the rumors. PFT retracted their story and apologized for a lack of vetting.

Ringside News wanted to find further information on how such a thing could happen and reached out to the FEC. The agency was not willing to comment on any individual case but noted that there were safeguards in place to prevent fraudulent filings. We were sent a document listing all unverified campaign committee filings since 2016 by the FEC.

The alleged Khan filing was not listed in the document. An FEC representative was unable to confirm if there might be any lag time between the time the data was submitted and the time it was reported. It appears likely that the Khan congressional filing was simply a prank. The documents obtained by Ringside News show a long history of wrestling fans filing bogus elections documents over the years.

In March of 2021, somebody filed to form an election committee for a presidential candidate named “Vincent Kennedy McMahon Of WWE Viacom WWE Sucks Is A Sick Man.” On the same date, March 17, a phony presidential committee called “Shane WWE Sucks Ass AEW Rules McMahon” was formed. In September of 2016, “Ghost Of Macho Man Randy Savage” declared their intention to run for president.


Other notable fake FEC filings included “WWE Murdered Chris Benoit And Squidward Tennisballs,” “Hey WWE You Can Sue Me Because I’m God” (another March 17, 2021 filing), and “Hey Viacom CBS And WWE And AEW, Sue Me Motherf*ckers.”

Tony Khan must have been baffled by the prank. There are some deranged individuals out there who believe the best path to play a joke on wrestling personalities is to file fake elections paperwork. The world is truly a strange place.

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