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Tonight’s NXT is the final before Vengeance Day and it’s set to be a big one. The main event will see Kay Lee Ray challenge Mandy Rose for the Women’s NXT Championship, while Bron Breakker and Santos Escobar will meet in a “Championship summit” ahead of their big showdown next week.

Elsewhere tonight, Tiffany Stratton faces Wendy Choo, Sarray battles Dakota Kai, and LA Knight steps in the ring against the debuting Sanga – if Knight wins he may get a shot at Grayson Waller. Meanwhile the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic continues with MSK taking on Malik Blade and Edris Enofe, and The Creed Brothers battling The Grizzled Young Veterans.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

This week’s NXT kicks off with the semi-final round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic!

The Diamond Mine is already in the ring and out come their opponents. Drake and Gibson begin talking trash on the mic but Brutus and Julius exit the ring and rush them on the ramp and they all start brawling.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic


Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. The Creed Brothers W/Diamond Mine

Eventually the action makes its way into the ring and Brutus and Drake are legal now as the bell rings. Brutus catches Drake wth a huge back-drop and he rolls out. Drake and Gibson regroup at ringside as Brutus taunts them from the ring. Gibson tags in now but he ends up double teamed as Julius comes in. Brutus slams his brother on top of Gibson for a big pop. Drake drops Julius with a cheap shot in the corner, allowing Gibson to level him with a clothesline.

Drake beats Julius around the ring for a minute. Gibson gets a blind-tag and Julius doesn’t see it and eats a sucker punch. Julius gets the upperhand and dropkicks Gibson after sending Drake to the floor. Brutus tags in and they take turns driving knees into Gibson’s ribs. Brutus connects with a big suplex to Gibson, so he rolls outside to regroup with Drake. Brutus comes out to bring Gibson back inside.

Drake grabs the foot of Brutus on the apron, allowing Gibson to knock him off. THe Veterans then put Brutus under the apron and hit a catapult, sending Brutus’s throat into the metal bars under the ring! Julius comes around to check on his brother until the referee gets them all back in the ring. The Veterans isolate Brutus near their corner and target his throat.

Brutus tries to fight back but ciontinually gets shut down and double-teamed. He clobbers Gibson with a huge clothesline and Drake jumps on his back. Finally Brutus gets the tag to Julius, who comes in hot and knocks Gibson off the apron before tackling the knee of Drake. The fans chant “Creed!” as Julius gets a stretch muffler on Drake.

James tries to transition to a guillotine submission but Julius throws him off and slams him for a near-fall. Gibson rushes in but Julius throws him right back out. Drake and Julius exchange counters and Gibson blind-tags in. Gibson drags Julius out of the ring but eats a right hand for it. Drake then obliterates Julius with a suicide dive that sends him into the announce desk. The Veterans lift Julius up and hit a Doomsday Device for a near-fall.

Brutus and Gibson are the two legal men now and Brutus unloads on him. Drake gets on the apron to cause a distraction and Brutus attacks him. Gibson uses the distraction to chop the throat, then tags Drake so they can double-team the Creed brother. They want Ticket to Mayhem but Brutus runs Gibson into the corner and holds him there, then Julius leaps onto his back and hits a superplex to Drake! The Creed Brothers then hit Gibson with a slam and basement clothesline to win!

Winners: The Creed Brothers

Cora Jade is interviewed backstage and she says she’s very excited to team with Raquel Gonzalez in the Dusty Cup. She gets interrupted by two ladies whose names I cannot recall. They talk trash to Cora in Spanish until Raquel Gonzalez appears and replies to them in Spanish. They begin arguing in Spanish and Raquel says to Jade “only I get to call you that” and walks off. Jade says she knew Raquel always had her back, then wonders what they called her.

We see a replay of last week when Tiffany Stratton paid Amari Millar to beat Wendy Choo, then tried to attack Choo but had her credit card stolen. Earlier today Choo and Millar went on a shopping spree with Stratton’s credit card and maxed it out.

Wendy Choo Vs. Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany asks for her credit card back but Choo searches inside her onesie and can’t find it. Choo grabs a wristlock but Stratton springboards out and hits an arm drag… only for Choo to roll into a sleeping position. Stratton grabs a side headlock and the fans are chanting for the comedy act. Choo wriggles free and rolls her up for a near-fall.

Choo connects with a dropkick, then a running boot in the corner. She hits her running sleep drop for a two-count. Choo grabs a sleeper hold but Stratton fights up and clobbers her with a clothesline. Stratton complains that she has a broken nail but starts stomping the life out of Choo. She hits her with a slingshot dropkick, then lands a spinning Vader Bomb in the corner and scores the win.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Pete Dunne is interviewed backstage. He says Tony D’Angelo talks way too much but since he was beat by Cameron Grimes he’s been completely silent. He says he finishes it next week where it all began… inside a steel cage. Draco Anthony appears and says D’Angelo might not respect Dunne but he sure does. It will be an honour to share the ring with him tonight. Dunne says “whatever mate, I’m still going to snap your fingers.”

Pete Dunne Vs. Draco Anthony

We return to find this match already underway and Anthony has Dunne grounded with a headlock. Dunne turns the tables but Draco shoots him off, dodges an elbow and drops him with a shoulder tackle. Anthony wants a suplex but Dunne knees him a few times and Draco starts to drop him but gets him back up and lands the suplex.

Draco stands on Dunne’s hands and looks to stomp them but Pete avoids it. Dunne then jumps on Draco’s hands and kicks him in the head. It’s time for some joint manipulation by Dunne and he jumps on Anthony’s elbow. Dunne chops the crap out of Anthony but it just fires him up. Draco splashes Dunne and hits a slam for a near-fall. Anthony sees Harland and Joe Gacy standing on the platform above the ring. He looks at them before running at Dunne but nobody’s home.

Dunne drops him and jumps on his arm again. Dunne wants a Kimura but Draco shoots him off and hits a back body drop. Dunne rolls outside and when Anthony comes through the roes he kicks him in the head. Suddenly Tony D’Angelo appears and swings for Dunne with a crowbar but nobody’s home. Dunne hits him and gets back inside, hits Draco with a German suplex and the Bitter End for the win!

Winner: Pete dUNNE

After the win, Dunne is grabbed from behind by Tony but he snaps his fingers. Dunne goes outside and brings weapon after weapon into the ring while D’Angelo watches on from the ramp. Dunne says D’Angelo’s going to need a lot more than a crowbar at Vengeance Day, so how about they have a weaponised cage match? Tony agrees!

Io Shirai and Zoey Stark are sitting backstage. Stark says they need to talk about the Dusty Cup because their opponents are very good. She says she knows Shirai and she knows she wants to win those titles back that they were never pinned for. Shirai agrrees and Stark says they need to find a partner for Io, someone just as crazy as she is. Shirai agrees and says she knows who to ask but she won’t say.

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LA Knight Vs. Sange W/Grayson Waller

The match gets underway and Knight tries to Irish whip Sanga but he’s too big. Knight lands a few shots but Sanga tosses him into the corner and kicks him over-and-over. Sanga headbutts Knight and he falls from the ring. Sanga goes after him and looks to lawn dart Knight but he slips off and shoves the big man into the ring post. Knight attacks Sanga as he comes back into the ring.

Knight looks to hit the BFT but Sanga shoves him off. Sanga hits a splash on Knight for a near-fall. Knight starts fighting back and connects with a springboard dropkick for a two-count. Waller gets on the apron and removes the turnbuckle pad. Knight runs Waller off, then Sanga runs at him but Knight moves and Sanga hits the buckles. Knight slasm Sanga and scores the pinfall.

Winner: LA knight

As soon as the match ends, Waller rushes into the ring but Knight hits him and lands the BFT. Knight leaves with a big smiles on his face as Sanga stares him down.

Duke Hudson is interviewed backstage and he says Dante Chen isn’t as tough as he thinks he is. There’s a reason he’s not here tonight, he’s afraid of him. Hudson then wishes Indi Hartwell luck for next week.

*Commercial Break*

It’s time for the Championship Summit. Legado del Fantasma are already in the ring and Wade Barrett introduces the NXT Champion, Bron Breakker. They’re sat at a table in the centre of the ring and Barrett asks Bron why he’s confident he will win next week? Bron says he’s already said he respects Santos but he’s going to beat him and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. Breakker says we all know how this stuff goes, so how about they flip the table and start fighting right now?

Santos Escobar laughs and says he wouldn’t expect anything else from someone so young and naive. When he saus everything works on his time it means he is in control and he’s pulling all the strings. People like Paul Heyman are saying Breakker is the future of NXT but he’s already planning on how to end his career before it gets stared. Breakker starts to respond but he gets interrupted by a new face to NXT…

Ziggler sits at the table and puts his feet up. He says this is some night, NXT on SyFy and what a moment. The NXT Champion and the number one contender about to thrown down, until he showed up. Ziggler says Breakker wanted to know if he works Tuesday’s? Well he does now. Time is money and he’s got a plane to catch, so who the Hell is Bron Breakker? Bron says he’s the reason Ziggler is here. So once he’s done with Santos he will deal with Ziggler.

Dolph says Bron is looking past his opponent and that’s a rookie move. Now he has a long list of accomplishments and we all know 99 out of 100 matches don’t go his way, but everyone knows what he can do in the ring. All those accolades and yet there’s one title he’s never held. The fans chant “Triple Threat” and Dolph says he doesn’t give a damn what they say. Ziggler says he doesn’t have to beat stronger or faster than Bron, he just has to be in his head. Which he is.

Tommaso Ciampa comes out and interrupts Dolph. Ciampa says this is a big moment but Ziggler as NXT Champion? That’s a hard pass. Ciampa sits beside Ziggler and says “kid, I love your spirit.” Santos Escobar interrupts Ciampa and asks what is going on? He says Ziggler doesn’t go here and what, some mean Tweets brought him here? Santos says once he wins the NXT Championship he will take care of Ziggler, then Ciampa.

Tommaso tells Santos if her interrutps him again he won’t make it to Vengeance Day. He says he wants the next shot once Breakker beats Escobar, unless of course Dolph thinks he can cut in line. Ziggler says Ciampa called this his home? The same hundred Florida people come out and clap like seals no matter what he does. Ziggler asks when do Ciampa’s training wheels come off? Ciampa hits Ziggler and he falls out of the ring.

Ciampa goes after Dolph and they brawl on the floor, meanwhile Legado del Fantasma attack Breakker in the ring. Breakker starts to fight back and looks to powerbomb Escobar through the table but the numbers get the better of him. Wilde and Mendoza spinebuster Breakker through the table. Escobar kneels beside Breakker and says he told him everyhting works on his time, well this is his tme. “See you next week young Champion.”

Grayson Waller and Sanga are leaving the building and they’re stopped for an interview. Waller says Knight is an idiot because he just broke his restraining order. Well next week he’s going to get arrested in front of the entire world. Karma is a bitch.

It’s magical Japanese schoolgirl time as Sarray makes her… unique entrance. Sarray will be facing Dakota Kai after the break.

*Commercial Break*

Sarray Vs. Dakota Kai

We return and this match is already underway. Sarray looks for her hanging dropkick against the ropes but Kai avoids it. Kai beats Sarray down in the corner and hits repeated face wash kicks for a two-count. Sarray eats a few kicks but keeps getting back up and Kai laughs at her. Sarray lands some forearms and a wheelbarrow roll-up, then a double stomp.

Sarray comes off the top rope and knocks Kai down for a two-count. Kai hits a Scorpio kick and a spinning DDT for a near-fall. Sarray avoids Kai and hits a sunset flip for a near-fall. They exchange pinfall attempts for a minute, then Sarray catches Kai with a superkick and she falls onto the bottom rope. Sarray hits her hanging dropkick, then lifts Kai and hits a nasty Saito suplex for the win.

Winner: Sarray

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are sitting with a few buddies in a barber shop. They talk about Cameron Grimes and say he’s been in NXT for two years and has nothing to show for it. Melo equals money, Melo does numbers, and he’s going to make Grimes relevant for one night.

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta are backstage having a spat when Toxic Attraction’s Gigi and Jacy walk up and try to stir the pot. Persia says they’re best friends and they can’t get in their heads. Gigi pulls out a photograph of Indi with Duke Hudson and says maybe he can comfort her when they lose next week. Jayne says it’s clear best friends don’t tell each other everything and Persia attacks them. The four women brawl until referees separate them.

*Commercial Break*

Briggs and Jensen are backstage and Briggs is trying to convince Jensen to ask out Kayden Carter. They approach the girls and Jensen accidentally asks them both if they want to hang out. Kacy and Kayden say yeah they’d love to chill and walk off. Briggs asks what the Hell that was. Jensen says it’s fine, Briggs can take Kacy to the movies and allow him to be alone with Kayden. He hands him $8 and Briggs says movies cost at least $20, but Jensen says he’s not made of money.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic


MSK Vs. Edris Enofe & mALIK bLADE

We kick things off with Wes Lee and Malik Blade and a feeling-out process. Lee avoids Blade and shoves him to the corner where Nash Carter tags in. MSK hit a double team, ending with a bronco buster from Nash. Carter lands a few kicks to the chest but Blade dodges an enziguiri. Enofe tags in and takes Nash down with a sleeper hold.

Nash fights up, whips him to the ropes and runs but gets flipped over the ropes to the apron. Enofe shoulders Nash and sunset flips him, then hits a hurricanrana but Carter lands on his feet. Carter hits a clothesline and Blade tags back in but MSK land a series of kicks to him, then knock Enofe out of the ring. MSK pose together as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Blade has Nash down with a rear chinlock. Carter fights up and rolls to Lee to make the tag. Enofe and Lee go toe-to-toe and Wes clocks him with a dropkick. Lee hits an enziguiri in the corner and an inverted exploder suplex. Carter gets the tag and Lee catapults Enofe into a superkick. Carter then hits a double stomp to Enofe on Nash’s knees and covers but Blade breaks it up.

Blade knocks Lee out of the ring and dives over the ropes onto him. Enofe rolls up Nash for a near-fall, then tags Blade and they hit a double-team suplex/neckbreaker. Enofe goes up top and hits a big splash for a near-fall thanks to Wes Lee. Blade is sent over the ropes and MSK double-team Enofe, connecting with the spinebuster/blockbuster for the win!

Winners: MSK

MSK have progressed to the final of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic where they will face The Creed Brothers. Speaking of whom, The Creed Brothers make their way down to the ring where they stand opposite MSK with the Dusty Cup bwteen them.

We see a video package of Cameron Grimes going back to his home town. He says he’s came incredibly far and nobody’s gone through more than him to get to where he is now. He got everything he wanted; the money, the cars, the house, etc. But he lost sight of why he got into the business. He’d trade in everything and go back to the trailer park in order to have the North American Championship on his mantle. There’s two ways you can go in this business, up or down, and his gas tanks are filled for a trip to the moon.

*Commercial Break*

It’s main event time and we see Kay Lee Ray walking backstage with her bat. The camera cuts to Mandy Rose and she’s helping Gigi and Jacy brawl with Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta. Mandy leaves them to their fight as she makes her way to the ring.

NXT Women’s Championship

(C) Mandy Rose Vs. Kay Lee Ray

The bell rings and Mandy jumps for a switch knee but Ray avoids it and chops her. Ray lands a few more chops but Mandy jumps on her with a Thesz press. Ray fires back with right hands, then a rope-assisted tornado DDT. Rose rolls from the ring but Ray goes out, hits her, and brings her back inside for a two-count. Ray whips Rose to the corner and clotheslines her.

She tries to land another but Rose ducks it and slams her head back into the buckles. Rose slams Ray’s head a few times, then beats her against the ropes and hits a spinebuster for a two-count. Rose grabs a bodyscissors and tries to make Ray submit. They exchange some pin attempts and Mandy lands a few knees to the gut, then slams Ray for a two-count.

Rose is getting frustrated and she slams Ray’s face into the mat before shouting at her. Rose applies an abdominal stretch but Ray flips her over. Kay Lee lands a dropkick and kicks Mandy in the corner, then goes to the middle rope for a moonsault and a near-fall. Rose fights out of a submission and counters the gory bomb with a sunset flip for a near-fall.

Mandy wants Bed of Roses but Ray escapes and kicks her in the head. Ray goes to the top rope but suddenly Jacy Jayne gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Gigi Dolan jumps up on the opposite apron and shoves Kay Lee Ray off the top rope. Mandy then drops Ray with a running knee and scores the pin to retain her Championship.

Winner: Mandy Rose

After the match Gigi and Jacy get in the ring with Ray’s bat and they hold Ray up for Rose to hit her. Before Mandy can do so, Io Shirai rushes down to the ring and knocks Mandy out of the ring, then drops Jacy and hits Gigi with a 619. Io hits both with a springboard dropkick. Mandy comes back and pulls Shirai’s hair but Ray returns to hit her with a gory bomb. Toxic Attraction retreat as Ray and Shirai stare on from the ring.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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