Maxwell Jacob Friedman certainly made headlines after defeating CM Punk last week on Dynamite. Of course he did everything in his power to cheat, and only after the distraction provided by Wardlow, was he able to defeat the legend, CM Punk. Now, he promises nothing but respect in his victory speech planned for this week’s edition of Dynamite.

The feud between the two was the longest feud that CM Punk was a part of since starting with the company. Before that, he went through opponents rather quickly and garnered a bit of criticism online for that exactly, or rather AEW did. The feud was refreshing for sure, despite the uncomfortable promos, which in pro wrestling of course only add to the drama.

“I will be speaking in a very respectful manor. This will be a humble speech.”

Talking about drama…who knows what MJF has planned for this week. Odds are he’s planning something huge and despite his saying on Twitter that he plans on being nothing but respectful, everyone out there knows full well that he will be everything but respectful.


As for the promise of humility he suggests in his Tweet…MJF doesn’t even know the taste of humble pie and perhaps never plans on serving himself a piece of the proverbial dessert.

Of course there is a possibility that he will get interrupted by Punk himself during the planned speech, perhaps further drawing out this feud that’s already given fans so much already. Fans on Twitter weighed in after MJF posted the aforementioned promise of respect, one user saying:

“MJF and Humble in the same sentence is not possible.”

In the end, it should definitely make for good TV as Dynamite almost always surely delivers. The looming threat of Wardlow turning on his ‘boss’ is also lurking behind any goings on in the ring right now, and if CM Punk wants to get to MJF for once and for all, perhaps Wardlow would be a good ally, but it all remains to be seen, dear readers. Be sure to watch it all unfold this Wednesday on TBS at 8 PM EST.

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