NXT was revamped from the Black & Gold to NXT 2.0 in 2021, and not all have been happy with the new direction of the brand. One such person is of course Slipknot front man, Corey Taylor. He had some harsh words for the new direction of NXT and some praise for the old Black & Gold and what it meant to him.

Taylor went into just what he currently thinks of the new NXT product from afar of course, seeing that he hasn’t watched a single episode of the revamped WWE show. He compares it to the past NXT and even went into how he almost did the music for NXT at one point. He made the following statements after his performance at the ShipRocked Cruise during a Q&A with fans. The cruise started in Texas and set sail to destinations like Mexico and Costa Maya.

“I haven’t even watched the (NXT) 2.0. To me, it just looks like ‘WWE Light,’ to be honest. That’s not always bad, but the great thing about NXT was it didn’t feel developmental. It felt like you were getting a whole different company, you were getting a whole different promotion.

To me, the wrestling (in NXT) wasn’t as stiff. The wrestling was exciting. They let the wrestlers be themselves. Sadly, all of my favorite wrestlers from NXT, once they got called up, they didn’t do anything with them. About the music, they actually came to us, I have known certain people in that organization for a while. I met them through Chris Jericho, who is a good friend of mine.


He had actually left the promotion right around the time they came to ask us if we wanted to do a collaboration with them, which I was all about. Not only did I get to do Slipknot with them, I also got to do some stuff with (solo debut) ‘CMFT.’”

He also went into one day working within the parameters of the pro wrestling business down the line while speaking with Metro.co.uk at some point back in 2020.

“Oh, man! I’ve thought about it – I’ve really thought about it…Honestly, it’s one of the reasons why I try to stay in shape because you just never know! I don’t know if I could do a match, but I could probably be part of a storyline. I just thought… maybe, you know? You never know man, we’ll see what happens. I’d love for something to happen but you never know.”

He quite obviously has an appreciation for the pro wrestling industry, as many of you may already know. This is of course very reminiscent of another rocker’s affinity with the sport of professional wrestling – Smashing Pumpkins front man, Billy Corgan.

Billy Corgan of course now owns and operates the newly revamped NWA. It was he that took what was once a brand licensing organization and turned it into a promotion all its on. This is as of 2017 of course. Who knows what the future in wrestling holds for Corey Taylor down the line, but it’s clear by his above comments that he has a very good handle and knowledge of the industry. He’s been involved before and with NXT to boot, so you never now, dear readers.

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Domenic Marinelli

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