Candice LeRae is one of the mainstays of NXT’s women’s division and also Johnny Gargano’s wife. With WWE releasing so many talents lately, many wonder what will become of Candice LeRae. It seems she might be sticking with WWE longer.

LeRae has been absent from WWE television for quite sometime now. This is because she is pregnant with her first child. As reported earlier, her contract was set to expire in the middle of next year.

Candice recently took to Instagram to show her beautiful growing baby bump. She showed a noticeable baby bump in the black and white photo. She is due to give birth to the couple’s child late in February. It’s a time for major celebration for the duo.



Candice LeRae is still under contract with WWE. She has appeared on NXT 2.0 in non-physical roles throughout her pregnancy. Baby wrestling might be a couple months late, but Johnny and Candice seem to be enjoying a wholesome family Christmas while they wait for their new arrival.

There’s no doubt that Johnny and Candice are going to be very cool parents. We will have to wait and see just when exactly Candice LeRae will make her return to WWE television. Fans certainly miss seeing her team up with Indi Hartwell as well.

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