WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comments below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match
  • Women’s Royal Rumble Match
  • WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Bobby Lashley
  • Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Doudrop
  • Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz & Maryse

Michael Cole welcomes us to the Royal Rumble, we check in with commentary and Roman Reigns makes his entrance. The first match tonight is for the Universal Championship! The SHIELD music hits! Seth “Freakin” Rollins makes his entrance through the crowd, wearing his Shield attire!

Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins


Rollins escapes a Reigns waistlock, Rollins with right hands, Roman hits big clotheslines in the corner. Rollins hits stomps, then a running forearm, Rollins hits a slingblade and clotheslines Reigns out of the ring. Rollins hits a suicide dive, then goes back in the ring and hits another suicide dive!

Back in the ring, Roman hits a huge uppercut after a Rollins springboard. Roman hits the Driveby, Rollins hits a boot to the midsection and then Powerbombs Roman through the announce table! Rollins drags Roman back in the ring, climbs to the top and hits a Frog Splash, cover, 2 count. Rollins hits a boot after a Spear attempt, then hits a BuckleBomb, then the Curbstomp! Rollins covers, 2 count.

“This Is Awesome” chants, Roman hits a clothesline. Roman with clubbing blows to the head, Roman hits a Powerbomb, cover, 2 count. Roman trash talks Rollins and Rollins laughs, Rollins gets a Triangle submission, Roman powers out and slams Rollins to the mat. Roman throws Rollins into the ring post and he falls to the outside. Roman throws Rollins into the timekeepers area, then throws him into the steel steps.

Back in the ring, Roman hits the Superman Punch, cover, 2 count. Rollins rolls to the outside, Roman hits a Spear on the outside, throws Rollins back in the ring, then goes for another Spear, Rollins counters it into a Pedigree! Rollins covers, 2 count! Roman sidesteps a Curbstomp, Rollins with kicks to the head, Roman with an uppercut, then hits the Spear! Rollins laughs and offers a fistbump while on the mat… Roman locks in the Guillotine, Rollins nearly passes out but gets to the ropes. Roman doesn’t break the count at 5 and the ref calls for a disqualification!

WINNER: Seth “Freakin” Rollins, via Disqualification!

Roman screams that Seth deserves this before finally breaking the hold. Roman gets a chair, hits Rollins in the spine, then again and again. Roman with chair shot after chair shot. “Roman Sucks” chants. Roman gets another chair and continues the beat down on Rollins. Huge boos for Roman. Roman gets the Universal Championship and leaves. Roman gives the crowd the finger before leaving through the entrance way.

Wrestlemania video package, it is 63 days away. WWE Shop video package.

Up next is the Women’s Royal Rumble! Entrant Number 1 is… Sasha Banks! Entrant Number 2 is… Melina!

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Melina is emotional, Banks shows off, Melina points at the Wrestlemania sign, Banks with a kick, Banks tosses Melina out of the ring! Melina is eliminated and Banks mocks her by doing the splits.

Entrant Number 3 is… Tamina!

Banks attacks Tamina before she gets in the ring. Banks hits a Meteora to the outside, Banks throws Tamina back in the ring and almost eliminates Tamina. Tamina overpowers banks but Banks hits a Bulldog, Banks with the double knees in the corner. Tamina hits a headbutt.

Entrant Number 4 is… Kelly Kelly!

Tamina almost eliminates Banks but Banks fights out, Kelly Kelly with forearms to Tamina, then hits a hurricanrana. Kelly Kelly with the handspring elbow in the corner, but Tamina with a clothesline to the back of the head. Banks with stomps to Tamina, Kelly Kelly with a kick to Banks then Banks kicks Kelly Kelly out of the ring!

Entrant Number 5 is… Aliyah!

Banks goes right after Aliyah, Aliyah with a Thez Press. Banks throws Alioyah over the ropes, Aliyah gets back in and hits a running knee.

Entrant Number 6 is.. Liv Morgan!

Morgan races to the ring and hits forearms on Aliyah, dropkick, Liv goes after Banks, and hits a back stabber, and nearly throws Banks out of the ring. Liv with a missile dropkick. Morgan with stomps to Banks and Aliyah and then points at the Wrestlemania sign. Banks with the 3 Amigos to Aliyah.

Entrant Number 7 is.. Queen Zelina!

Aliyah and Liv try to throw Tamina out of the ring, Zelina fights them off, Banks with a huge knee, Tamina gets Banks over the ropes, Zelina with a kick and eliminates Banks! Morgan with a snapmare.

Entrant Number 8 is… Bianca Belair!

Belair with shoulder blacks to Morgana and Tamina, boot to Tamina, suplex to Zelina. Belair throws Liv over the ropes but she hangs on. Belair hits Zelina with a splash.

Entrant Number 9 is… Dana Brooke!

Reggie accompanies Brooke to the ring. Brooke goes after Aliyah, she fights off Zelina, Brooke throws her over the ropes but she hangs on. Brooke with a dropkick to Tamina, handspring elbow to Belair. Zelina and Dana fight off Tamina. Belair carries Aliyah up the ropes.

Entrant Number 10 is… Michelle McCool!

McCool with a kick to Tamina and Brooke, Brooke fall out but Reggie catches her and puts her back in the ring. McCool with the Faith breaker, the a kick to Dana. McCool eliminates Brooke! Tamina attacks McCool from behind. Morgan dangles Aliyah over the ropes.

Entrant Number 11 is… Sonya Deville!

Deville slowly walks to the ring and then joins commentary… Deville says she will get in the ring whenever she decides to. Morgan and Belair try to eliminate Tamina.

Entrant Number 12 is… Natalya!

Morgan attacks Natalya, back elbow in the corner. Natalya throws Morgan over but she hangs on, Morgan with a sunset flip, Natalya with a boot. Tamina carries Tamina over the ropes, Natalya pushes them both over, Belair hangs on but Tamina is eliminated!

Entrant Number 13 is… Cameron the Funkadactyl!

Cameron with a hurricanrana all round, Deville takes her jacket off on commentary and then attacks Cameron for being friend with Naomi! Deville throws Cameron over the ropes and then throws her into the ring post and eliminates Cameron!

Entrant Number 14 is.. Naomi!

Naomi makes a beeline for Deville. Naomi checks on Cameron, then goes after Deville! Deville and Naomi brawl all over the ring, then a springboard Enziguri from Naomi, Deville thrown over the rope then a big kick from Naomi and Deville is eliminated!

Entrant Number 15 is.. Carmella!

Morgan and Natalya try to eliminate Belair, Belair escapes, then hits boots to McCool. Natalya tries to eliminate McCool, Morgan fights off Aliyah.

Entrant Number 16 is… Rhea Ripley!

Ripley doesn’t get in the ring and then attacks Carmella! Carmella and Zelina double team attack Ripley. Natalya with a big clothesline to Ripley. Carmella and Zelina try to eliminate Ripley but Ripley throws them both over then ropes and hits a double dropkick, eliminating them both! Ripley fights off the whole roster.

Entrant Number 17 is… Smackdown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair!

McCool and Morgan fight off Belair. Natalya almost eliminated by Naomi, Morgan and Belair. Flair hits clotheslines, big boots, throws out Aliyah. Fall away slam to Morgan. Flair with chops to Naomi, then throws her over the ropes but Naomi hangs o by her feet, Deville pulls Naomi out of the match by her hands! Naomi chases after Deville.

Entrant Number 18 is… Right To Censor’s Ivory!

Ivory says it has been an awful long time, but nothing has changed. Its hard to look at these girls, all she see is wayward lost little girls, Ripley picks her up and throws her over the ropes, Ripley pats her head and throws her out. Flair with shoulder tackles to McCool in the corner.

Entrant Number 19 is… Brie Bella!

Bella with a clothesline, forearms to McCool, Brie with “Yes” chants, running knee to Natalya and throws Natalya over the ropes but she hangs on. Natalya reverses and throws Brie over but she hangs on, and fights off Natalya. Belair and Ripley double suplex Flair. they throw her over the ropes but Flair hangs on.

Entrant Number 20 is… Mickie James!

Mickie James is wearing the Impact Knockouts Championship and has her Impact music. Huge reaction for James. McCool attacks James before she gets in, James hits a spinning kick to McCool and fights off everybody. James eliminates McCool.

Entrant Number 21 is… Alicia Fox!

Fox with kicks all round and an Axe kick to James. Fox with a dropkick to Natalya, Belair and James try to eliminate Brie. Flair and Natalya fight on the ropes.

Entrant Number 22 is… Nikki A.S.H!

Ripley is waiting for Nikki, Nikki comes form behind and tries to throw Ripley over the ropes but Ripley weathers the storm. Nikki with a slap to little affect. Nikki runs away under the ropes. Flair attacks Ripley from behind. Belair throws Nikki over the ropes but she hangs on and gets back in. Ripley chops Flair.

Entrant Number 23 is… Summer Rae!

Summer screams “Fuck You” on her way to the ring. Natalya with a slap to Summer, Summer slaps back, slaps back and forth, Summer with a Wheel kick to Natalya, Flair attacks her from behind. Natalya picks up Summer and dumper her out. Flair pushes Natalya over the ropes but she hangs on.

Entrant Number 24 is… Nikki Bella!

Nikki runs to help Brie and attacks Belair. Nikki with a spinebuster to Natalya. Belair with a big kick to Nikki, Brie helps her out. Double flapjack from the Bella Twins. The Bellas eliminates Fox.

Entrant Number 25 is… Sarah Logan!

Logan with double knees to Brie, headbutt to Nikki Bella. Logan and Morgan face off…. but the Bellas attack them. The Bella eliminates Logan, then try to eliminate Morgan but she hangs on, then Brie dropkicks Morgan out of the ring. The Bella put L to their foreheads, mocking Liv.

Entrant Number 26 is… Lita!

Lita takes out both Bellas, suplex to Nikki ASH, James and Lita with strikes back and forth, Lita throws her to the apron, DDT to James and James fall out of the ring! Lita goes face to face with Flair. Strikes back and forth, Flair with a big boot.

Entrant Number 27 is… Might Molly!

Nikki ASH attacks Molly before she gets in the ring, throws Molly into the steel steps. Lita and Flair fight on the top turnbuckle. Nikki tears off Molly’s cape and then eliminates Molly!

Entrant Number 28 is… Ronda Rousey!

The ring stops and stares at Rousey! Rousey fights off the Bellas, strikes to Nikki ASH, throws her to the apron, throws Nikki Bella to the apron, double Guillotine, kicks out Nikki ASH, Brie eliminates Nikki, Rousey fights off Brie.

Entrant Number 29 is… Shotzi!

Belair and Ripley brawl, Shotzi with a double crossbody to both of them. Shotzi tries to eliminate Lita, Rousey eliminates Brie. Lita with a kick to Shotzi, slams her to the mat. Rousey with shots to Belair. Ripley fights off Rousey.

Entrant Number 30 is… Shayna Baszler!

Rousey and Baszler fight off the whole ring. Big slam to Lita, Rousey and Baszler face off, Flair attacks Baszler. Rousey eliminates Shotzi, Rousey with a keylock on Natalya and eliminates her. Rousey with a sleeper to Belair. Lita with a Twist of Fate to Flair. Ripley forces Lita to the corner, Lita with a hurricanrana, Lita fights off Ripley, and goes for a Moonsault, but Flair with a boot, eliminating Lita!

Ripley with Rousey on her shoulder, Rousey with a Triangle submission over the ropes, Flair throws Ripley over but she hangs on, Ripley pushes Rousey into the ring post, Flair with a big boot, eliminating Ripley. Flair with chops to Belair. Flair fights off Baszler. Belair with a dropkick to Flair, Belair with a spinebuster to Baszler, Belair escapes the Baszler submission into a KOD, Flair eliminates both Belair and Baszler!

Final Two: Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey!

Flair and Rousey face off, Flair goes for a big boot but Rousey catches her and throws her over the top rope!!

WINNER: Ronda Rousey!

Flair stares Rousey down before leaving. Rousey points at the Wrestlemania sign as pyro goes off.

Doudrop makes her entrance for our next match. Out next, the Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch.

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Doudrop

Lock up, Doudrop overpowers Lynch. Lynch gets a headlock, Doudrop throws her off. Doudrop with a big shoulder tackle, goes for a crossbody, Becky escapes the ring. Becky with kicks to Doudrop, goes to the top, Doudrop with a forearm and throws Becky off the top rope. Doudrop misses a splash, but hits a headbutt. Becky escapes the ring once again.

Doudrop kicks Becky into the barricade, Becky with a running forearm, Doudrop with a shoulder tackle, then a splash, Becky rolls out of the ring. Doudrop goes for a cannon ball on the steel steps but Becky moves and Doudrop crashes into the steel steps. Becky takes advantage with stomps, elbows, kicks. Becky gets a headlock, Doudrop fights out, Becky with a back elbow, Doudrop catches a crossbody, but Becky transitions into a sleeper.

Becky rakes at Doudrop’s face behind the refs back. Doudrop gets to her feet and slams Becky into the corner. Becky moves out of the way of a shoulder tackle, Doudrop crashes into the ringpost, Becky with a missile dropkick, cover, 1 count. Doudrop with a big slap, backdrop, senton, cover, 2 count. Becky moves out of the way of a crossbody and locks in the Disarm-her. Becky transitions into a cross armbreaker, Doudrop powers out and slams Becky to the mat, cover, 2 count. Doudrop with a splash in the corner, then a cannonball, cover, 2 count.

Becky gets the knee up off a Doudrop splash. Becky climbs to the top, hits a Molly Go Round, cover, 2 count. Becky with strikes in the ropes, misses a legdrop. Doudrop with headbutts, Becky drops Doudrop on the top rope. Becky hits a jawbreaker, then the leg drop off the top rope, cover, 2 count. Doudrop hits the Big Ending, cover, 2 count.

Doudrop drags Becky to the corner, Becky gets up, chock blocks the knees and hits the Manhandle Slam off the middle rope! Becky covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!

Attendance Record: 44.390. Up next, WWE Championship Match.

Bobby Lashley makes his entrance first, accompanied by MVP. The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, is out next, accompanied by Paul Heyman. Mike Rome does the official ring introductions, Paul Heyman introduces Brock.

WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

Both men face off, lock up, they are evenly matched. Another lock up, Brock hits a German! Brock laughs as Lashley gets right back up. Lock up, Lashley hits a German! Brock gets up and looks impressed. Lock up, Brock her a German and hangs on, Brock hits another German! Lashley gets right back up. Lashley with a kick to the midsection, right hands, Brock picks up Lashley for an F5, Lashley escapes and hits a Spear, then hits another Spear! Brock rolls out of the ring.

Lashley goes to Spear Brock through the barricade but Brock moves and Lashley crashes through the barricade. Brock goes to F5 Lashley but he escapes and pushes him into the ringpost. Lashley goes to Spear Brock in the ring but he moves and Lashley crashes into the ring post. Brock hits a German, then another German, then a third. Brock hits another German, then another German. Lashley escapes an F5 and locks in the Hurt Lock! Brock fades, but forces Lashley into the corner, the ref gets taken out.

Brock hits an F5, Lashley falls into the ref. Brock pins but there is no ref… Roman Reigns comes from out of nowhere and Spears Brock! Roman stares down Heyman, Roman offers his hand to Heyman, Heyman hands Roman the WWE Championship, Roman smashes Brock over the head with the WWE Championship! Roman leaves with Paul Heyman, Lashley covers Brock, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley!

Lashley celebrates with MVP.

Recap of Ronda Rousey’s win, she will be on Raw on Monday.

Miz and Maryse make their entrance. Edge and Beth Phoenix are out next.

Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz & Maryse

Beth and Maryse start but Maryse rolls out of the ring and runs away, Beth chases her and Miz pulls her out of the ring, Maryse lands of Miz. Miz tags in, as does Edge. Edge goes right after Miz, clothesline in the corner, back elbow in the corner, Maryse grabs Edge by the hair, Miz takes Edge out of the ring. Miz shouts at Beth as he kicks Edge in the face.

Miz stomps on Edge’s back, Miz with the It Kicks, Edge ducks under the last one and gets a roll up, 2 count. Miz with a neckbreaker, cover, 2 count. Miz chokes Edge in the ropes, Maryse slaps Edge behind the refs back. Beth chases after Maryse, Beth gets a chair. Edge hits the DDT, tags in Beth, Maryse looks terrified, Beth with clotheslines, clubbing blows to Maryse. Beth with a spinning Sidewalk Slam, cover, Miz breaks the count at 2. Beth faces down Miz… the crowd is hyped, Miz shouts at her to leave, Beth picks him up double leg into the corner, then tees off on Miz!

Maryse hits Beth with the loaded purse behind the refs back, Maryse covers, 2 count. Maryse covers again, 2 count. Maryse stomps on Beth, clubbing blows, Maryse has broken a nail, but celebrates anyway. Maryse with a Camel Clutch, the shots to the back of the head. Beth powers out Maryse with a kick, then a double clothesline, both women down. Edge and Miz tag in, Edge runs wild, clotheslines, forearms, neckbreaker, cover, 2 count.

Edge climbs to the top, Maryse distracts and Miz takes advantage. Beth takes out Maryse, Beth picks Miz up and Powerbombs him! Edge hits an Elbow Drop from the top rope, cover, 2 count! Maryse takes out Beth and throws her into the steel steps, Edge hits a flapjack on Miz. Maryse distracts Edge, Edge misses a Spear, Maryse hits a hurricanrana on Edge! Maryse with the French Kiss DDT, Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Edge, cover, 2 count!

Beth hits a Spear on Maryse, Edge and Beth hit a double Spear on Miz! Edge and Beth hit double Glam Slams on Miz and Maryse, they cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Edge & Beth Phoenix!

A long Sasha Banks video package. Elimination Chamber will happen in Saudi Arabia.

It is now time for the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. Entrant Number 1 is… AJ Styles! Entrant Number 2 is… Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura!

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Lock up to start, Nakamura with high knees, kicks to the chest, Styles catches a kick and hits a Dragonscrew, Nakamura with a spinning heel kick. Styles with back elbows, Nakamura with knees and a kick to the face, Styles with a sliding forearm.

Entrant Number 3 is… Austin Theory!

Theory with a dropkick to Styles, Backdrop to Nakamura. Theory throws Nakamura over the ropes but he hangs on. Styles tries to eliminate Theory but Theory fights out. Nakamura with kicks to Theory, Nakamura and Styles try to eliminate Theory.

Entrant Number 4 is… Robert Roode!

Roode with spinebusters to Nakamura and Theory. Roode and Styles face off to “TNA” chants. Styles with a sun set flip, Roode fights out of a Styles Clash, Styles eliminates Roode! Nakamura with an exploder suplex to Theory. Theory hits a spinning backbreaker on Nakamura.

Entrant Number 5 is… Ridge Holland!

Styles eliminates Nakamura. Holland runs wild on Theory, uppercut, stomps in the corner. Styles with a kick to the hamstring.

Entrant Number 6 is… Montez Ford!

Ford throws out Styles but he hangs on, Theory tries to eliminate Ford but he hangs on, flips out, dropkick to Theory. Ford throws Theory out but he hangs on again. Holland with a kidney shot to Ford. Ford with combo kick to Holland, Holland hits a powerslam on Ford!

Entrant Number 7 is… Damien Priest!

Priest with a clothesline to Holland, throws Styles over but Theory blocks it. Priest with a backbreaker to Theory, forearms to Styles, Styles tries to throw him out but Priest blocks. Holland with a lariat to Ford. Priest tries to eliminate Theory.

Entrant Number 8 is… Sami Zayn!

Zayn backs off and lets everybody fight each other until Ford goes after him. Zayn tries to eliminate Ford but he hangs on and rolls back in. Loud “Ole” chants, Priest attacks Zayn in the corner, Holland stands on Theory. Styles goes after Zayn.

Entrant Number 9 is… Johnny Knoxville!

The Jackass Forever crew accompany Knoxville to the ring. Knoxville with a takedown to Zayn, right hands to Zayn and elbow drop! Knoxville points at the Wrestlemania sign. Styles offers Knoxville a free shot, Knoxville hits him, Styles with combination strikes to Knoxville flooring him. Ford hits a Frogsplash to Knoxville, Holland places Knoxville on the apron and Zayn hits the Helluva Kick, eliminating Knoxville. Styles eliminates Zayn while he was celbrating.

Entrant Number 10 is… Angelo Dawkins!

The Street Profits go after Priest. Styles takes out Dawkins, Holland takes out Priest.

Entrant Number 11 is… Omos!

Omos strides to the ring, Holland and theory go after Omos but he takes them both out. Dawkins goes after Omos, Omos eliminates Dawkins, Ford goes for a splash, Omos catches him and throws him out. Theory with strikes on Omos to little affect. Styles with a right hand, Omos throws him into the ring post.

Entrant Number 12 is… Ricochet!

Ricochet with a missile dropkick on Omos, Omos hits a press slam on Ricochet. Omos steps on Hollands throat. Theory with Ricochet try to double team Omos, everybody tries to fight off Omos but he takes them all out, a huge chop to Ricochet.

Entrant Number 13 is… Chad Gable!

Gable tries to strategize with everybody to take out Omos. Priest goes first to attack Omos, Omos takes him out. Omos eliminates Priest. Everybody gangs up on Omos.

Entrant Number 14 is… Dominic Mysterio!

Mysterio helps everybody going after Omos, Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm and finally takes out Omos! Gable goes after Styles, Theory takes on Mysterio. Ricochet with kicks to Holland.

Entrant Number 15 is… Happy Corbin!

Corbin runs wild, hits a chokeslam to Theory, Ricochet with strikes to Corbin but Corbin eliminates him.

Entrant Number 16 is… Dolph Ziggler!

Ziggler take out by Corbin, Mysterio with shots to Corbin, Mysterio jumps over Corbin, Corbin hits Deep Six, then throws Mysterio out of the ring! Holland tries to eliminate Styles but Styles hits a kick and Hollands falls out of the ring.

Entrant Number 17 is… Sheamus!

Holland is eliminated right in front of Sheamus. Sheamus goes right after Styles, Sheamus with a big knee to Styles. Sheamus with the Irish Curse Backbreaker to Gable.

Entrant number 18 is… Rick Boogs!

Boogs with a gutwrench to Gable, then a powerbomb in the corner, Gable catches Boogs in an armbar, Boogs press slams Gable, then throws him over the top rope.

Entrant Number 19 is… Madcap Moss!

Moss and Corbin go after Sheamus. Ziggler with strikes to Styles. Boogs with a press slam to Ziggler, Ziggler hangs on to the ropes. Styles with a enziguri to Corbin, kick to Moss, Corbin with a Chokeslam Backbreaker, Moss eliminates AJ Styles!

Entrant Number 20 is… Matt Riddle!

Riddle with a German to Moss, Corbin and Moss double team Riddle, Boogs takes out Corbin, Boogs gutwrench to Moss. Corbin with a big clothesline. Moss throws Boogs over the ropes and Corbin eliminates him.

Entrant Number 21 is… Drew McIntyre!

McIntyre stares down Corbin, he takes out riddle, then takes out Ziggler with the Glasgow Kiss, Corbin and Moss double team drew. drew takes out Moss, eliminating them both! McIntyre continues the attack on Corbin and Moss on the outside. Drew hits Corbin and Moss with the steel steps over and over again. Drew with a suplex onto the steps.

Entrant Number 22 is… Kevin Owens!

Owens and Drew fight on the ramp, Drew drives Owens into the apron. Owens hits the Pop Up Powerbomb on Drew, cannonball to Ziggler. Owens with strikes to Sheamus. Owens tries to eliminate Sheamus but Riddle takes out Owens. Owens stomps on Riddles bare feet.

Entrant Number 23 is… Rey Mysterio!

Rey with a hurricanrana to Owens, a crossbody to Sheamus, back elbow to Riddle, then dumps Riddle over the top rope but riddle hangs on. Owens with a Stunner to Rey. Sheamus and Owens with strikes back and forth. Sheamus and Drew double team Owens.

Entrant Number 24 is… Kofi Kingston!

Kingston goes after Owens. Kingston springboards onto Owens but Owens pushes him and Kingston lands on the barricade! Kofi’s feet touch the floor though, Kofi eliminated, I think they botched that…

Entrant Number 25 is… Otis!

Otis with stomps to Owens. Sheamus tries to eliminate Rey. Otis with a press slam to Drew. Ziggler tries to eliminate Riddle. Owens takes out Sheamus.

Entrant Number 26 is… Big E!

Big E with a belly to belly on Owens, throw to Riddle, Big E gyrates and hits a big splash on Owens. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Big E. Sheamus drives Rey into the corner, catches a crossbody into a backbreaker.

Entrant Number 27 is… Bad Bunny!

Bunny takes out Sheamus, climbs to the top, crossbody to Sheamus, Owens stares him down, Bunny hits a hurricanrana. Riddle faces down Bunny, Bunny hits the Canadian Destroyer on Riddle! Sheamus attacks Bunny from behind, throws him over the ropes, but Bunny hands on, Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Bunny pulls down the ropes an Sheamus falls out of the ring. Ziggler attacks Bunny. Rey hits the 619 on Ziggler, Bunny throws him out of the ring! Bunny tries to eliminate Rey but he hangs on.

Entrant Number 28 is… Shane McMahon!

Otis eliminates Rey. Shane attacks Owens. Shane with punches to Riddle, Owens hits a superkick, Shane eliminates Owens! Shane faces off with drew, punches back and forth. Riddle with strikes to Otis and Big E. Big E and Otis try to eliminate Riddle.

Entrant Number 29 is… Randy Orton!

Riddle and Shane fight in the corner, RKO to Big E! Orton and Riddle throw out Big E! RKO to Otis, Riddle hits an RKO on Drew! RKBro runs wild. Orton and Riddle eliminate Otis! Shane and Riddle fight in the ropes.

Entrant Number 30 is… Brock Lesnar!

Lesnar takes out Shane, belly to belly on Orton, suplex to Shane, knees to Riddle. Lesnar eliminates Orton! Bad Bunny stares down Lesnar, Lesnar f5’s him. then throws him out. Lesnar belly to bellys Shane, then tosses out riddle, suplex to Shane. Lesnar clotheslines Shane over the ropes.

Final Two: Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre!

Brock and Drew stare each other down, strikes back and forth, Brock powers Drew into the corner Drew blocks an F5, Brock blocks the Claymore! Lesnar f5’s Drew out of the ring!

WINNER: Brock Lesnar!

Pyro goes off as Brock points at the Wrestlemania sign and that is out final image as the Royal Rumble goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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