The WWE women’s Royal Rumble is going to be an unpredictable affair this year. All signs are pointing to Ronda Rousey coming back for the show. Several other former WWE superstars will be making their returns. Even Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Mickie James will compete in the women’s Royal Rumble match.

Ronda Rousey is one of the most popular mainstream stars in the history of combat sports. Rousey elevated women’s mixed martial arts to unheard of heights during her run in UFC. The Rowdy one had a memorable run with WWE and even became champion before she took time off to start a family.

If Ronda wrestles in the women’s Royal Rumble match, there is a high likelihood that she will win. Rousey might just be there to set up an angle, though. Dave Meltzer discussed the possible scenarios on the lates Wrestling Observer Radio

“Well, I mean, there’s two schools of thought. I mean, there’s a school of thought that you appease your hardcore fans, and that would be Bianca Belair or Sasha Banks. Or, you go with the one that’s gonna get you the most headlines, and that’s obviously Ronda. And I think that’s probably the one they’ll go with.


Unless Ronda’s there to do an angle at the end and not be in the match and you save your match for later, she shouldn’t be in the match and not win, I don’t think. She’s back. I mean, she’s going to be back as a regular on SmackDown, but she’ll probably do some shows on Raw. I think she’s going to be on Raw Monday.”

The WWE Universe will have to wait until tonight to see how WWE will use Ronda Rousey. If she wins the Royal Rumble, it will be on to WrestleMania for a huge title match. An angle without Ronda in the Rumble could also set up a major feud for Mania season. Either way, it sounds like Ronda is back for another memorable WWE run.

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Michael Perry

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