WWE recently underwent a major overhaul of the operations of NXT. The developmental brand has a new vision after Triple H’s version was unceremoniously thrown out in series of backstage cuts. The goal is to figure out a way to develop young talent in-house instead of relying on independent wrestlers with years of experience.

Chris Jericho doesn’t think it’s working. The AEW star said he constantly works to make the careers of young wrestlers. In his opinion, WWE doesn’t get that part of the business right.

Le Champion appeared on Wrestling with Freddie recently. Jericho didn’t mince words when he stated that WWE has trouble building new stars. It was then compared to how AEW is bringing talent along.

“This is not a WWE bash. I worked there for almost 20 years and I loved working for WWE, but one thing they still have an issue with, and you can see it if you watch the show is building new stars. They really have a problem with that and I don’t know why.”


Once again, it doesn’t matter what they do. From day one in AEW, when we showed up on October 2nd, and even before that when we showed up for the first couple PPVs, we had no television deal. Then when we finally got one on TNT, it was an ad revenue share. What that means for people that don’t know is you make the money based on the advertising. If you have 50 advertisers, you get a share. If you have one advertiser, you get a share. It was not a big monster deal,

I realized early on kind of being the face of the company and the one guy the national audience knew besides Jim Ross, but the one guy that’s in the ring, and they knew Cody maybe but not really. Kenny and The Bucks were more independent or popular in other countries. I needed to make new stars as quickly as I could, Cody being one of them. Kenny Omega being another one.”

We will know in time if WWE’s new approach to talent development works out. NXT 2.0 has new faces nearly every week. WWE’s Next in Line program is hoping to bring in elite athletes to mold in the image of the company. Chris Jericho believes WWE needs to do something to improve talent development.

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