AEW has receive some pushback in recent memory as the lack of diversity on their roster was called out. Now Nyla Rose is stepping out to combat that talk.

Nyla Rose recently made an appearance on the DCW 50 program, where she had a candid conversation about boss Tony Khan, and the culture of diversity at AEW.

The former Women’s Champion had high praise for the company, and for Tony Khan as well, claiming that Khan “just puts talent above all else.” Noting how Khan himself is a person of color, Rose commented on the unprecedented nature of a minority owned wrestling promotion.

I genuinely believe Tony [Khan] just puts talent above all else. You know, and talent comes [in] many forms, many faces, from everywhere. But I do [believe Tony was thinking about diversity when shaping AEW] because Tony himself, being a minority, being brown skin, owns a professional wrestling company. That’s unheard of. That has never happened.

Rose then went on to highlight that the company actually does value diversity, although it often goes overlooked. This, Rose explained, was because because “diversity behind the camera” often gets overlooked.

So for all this talk about the diversity in front of the camera, there’s so much diversity behind the camera that I feel often goes overlooked and it’s an incredible feeling.

Rose continued to praise AEW, stating that “he company through and through is just every color of the rainbow.” She ended her thoughts with a final word of praise for Tony Khan, claiming that he’s not simply checking boxes, but he truly believes in giving opportunities to the deserving.

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