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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature a championship contender’s match as Charlotte Flair takes on Naomi.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.



SmackDown begins with The Usos in the ring. Jimmy says they’re here for one reason, to celebrate the longest reigning Universal champion ever. The Usos together introduce the record-breaking Roman Reigns who comes out to the ring. Jimmy alludes to a highlight reel and a video package plays showcasing the various matches and moments from Reigns’ title reign. Reigns is interrupted by Seth Rollins making his way out, Rollins says we should be celebrating that Reigns’ title run is coming to an end shortly. Rollins says Reigns sent the Usos to Raw to do the dirty work for him. Rollins says we should be celebrating the longest reigning SmackDown tag team champions and Rollins says The Usos carry Reigns like “me and Mox did in the Shield”. Rollins makes a challenge that him and a partner challenge the Usos and when The Usos are beat they will be banned from ringside at Royal Rumble and Jey Uso accepts before Reigns says anything. Kevin Owens comes out to introduce himself as Rollins’ partner,

Reigns calls to raise the stakes and agrees to the tag match under the condition that Rollins forfeits his title match at Royal Rumble if he loses, and Rollins accepts the challenge.

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Prior to the match, Kingston introduces Big E who will be in his corner

Madcap Moss vs Kofi Kingston

he match begins with Moss hitting a shoulder tackle. Kingston hits a dropkick and a jumping lariat. Kingston hits the boom drop and Corbin climbs to the apron to cause a distraction to allow Moss to attack Kingston from behind. On the outside Moss Irish whips Kingston who leaps over the steel stairs and Big E takes out Corbin on the outside.

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The match continues live with Moss hitting a spine buster. Moss hits stomps in the corner and Moss charges to the corner but Kingston dodges which sends Moss shoulder-first to the ring post. Kingston hits a huricanrana and covers for two. Moss catches Kingston in mid air and slams him and covers for a two count. Kingston hits the trouble in paradise and covers for three.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

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Aliyah vs Natalya

The match begins with Aliyah immediately going for a roll up for a one count. Natalya hits a snap suplex and Aliyah goes for another roll up that Natalya kicks out of at two. Natalya hits a discus lariat and Natalya begins stomping Aliyah in the corner and ignores as the referee counts to five and calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Aliyah

After the bell Natalya continues to attack Aliyah when Xia Li’s music hits and Li runs out to make the save and drive Natalya out of the ring.

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Los Lotharios vs Viking Raiders

The match begins with Humberto and Ivar in a lock up. Erik tags in and the Viking Raiders hit a double team slam. Los Lotharios hits a double basement drop kick and Humberto covers Erik for two. Ivar and Angel are simultaneously tags in and Ivar hits a spinning heel kick. Erik makes the blind tag and the Viking Raiders hit the Viking Experience for the three count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

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Charlotte Flair vs Naomi

Before our championship contender’s match can begin, Sonya Deville enters the ring and demands referee Charles Robinson hand over his referee shirt and Deville puts on the referee shirt and calls for the bell. Taking advantage of the distraction Charlotte hits a cheap shot and begins to stomp Naomi in the corner. Charlotte hits a knife-edge chop in the corner, Naomi hits a kick and goes for a huricanrana but Charlotte catches Naomi and puts her in a Boston crab. Charlotte tries to transition to a Figure eight but Naomi kicks Charlotte away sending her right into Deville knocking her out of the ring. Naomi hits the rear view and covers but Deville is not in the ring to count. Charlotte lock in the Figure eight and Deville calls for the bell even though Naomi did not tap out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

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SmackDown returns live with Sami Zayn in the ring for the latest “In-Zayn” segment. Zayn has a variety of self defense tools set out and says he will use them to prove that anything Johnny Knoxville can do, Zayn can do better. Zayn goes to shock himself and Zayn screams in agony after the first shock. Zayn turns up the voltage level and Zayn shocks himself in the chest which causes more screams and agony before Johnny Knoxville comes out to the ring. Knoxville says that something seems off about the entire set up Zayn has. Knoxville discovers that Zayn’s equipment is legit but it wasn’t turned on, Knoxville turns it on and shocks Zayn causing him to fall to the mat. Knoxville picks Zayn up and throws him over the top rope.

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Sheamus vs Ricochet

The match begins with Sheamus immediately hitting a kick to the mid section. Sheamus hits the Irish curse back breaker. Ricochet hits a drop kick and Sheamus responds with another back breaker. Sheamus misses a brogue kick and Ricochet hits a drop kick to send Sheamus to the outside. Ricochet goes for a suicide dive but Sheamus hits a brogue kick on the outside. Back in the ring Sheamus hits the brogue kick and covers for three.

Winner: Sheamus

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The Usos vs Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens

The match begins with Rollins and Jimmy in the ring. Rollins goes for a backslide and Jimmy quickly rolls out of the ring. Jey tags in and hits a super kick to the mid section. The Usos double team Rollins in the corner. Owens and Rollins tag in and out as they stomp Jimmy Uso in their corner. Rollins hits a body slam and goes to the top rope and Jey causes the distraction allowing Jimmy to knock Rollins down to the mat. Jey tags in and hits an uppercut in the corner. Rollins explodes out of the corner to hit a lariat.

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Back live with Jey tagging in and preventing Owens from tagging in Rollins. Owens hits a chop but Jey responds with a super kick. Owens manages to make the tag to Rollins who hits Jey with a sing blade. Rollins send both Usos outside the ring and hits a suicide dive to both Usos. Rollins hits a flying knee in the ring and covers for two.

Jimmy makes the blind tag and The Usos hit a double team Samoan drop and jimmy covers for two. Jimmy goes up top but Rollins dodge and tags Owens in. Owens hits a pop up powerbomb and covers for two. Owens goes to the top rope but Jimmy runs up to meet him up top. Owens hits a fisherman’s suplex and covers for two. Rollins hits the stomp and Reigns runs in to hit the superman punch to cause the DQ.

Winners by Disqualification: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens

Reigns walks to the back as Rollins looks on laughing as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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