Mustafa Ali has been trying to secure a release from his WWE contract. After a backstage argument with Vince McMahon, Ali formally requested to leave the company. WWE has refused that request so far.

Ali is having trouble convincing WWE that letting him go would be the best thing for both parties. The power of the internet was behind the superstar in his efforts. #FreeAli began trending on Twitter as wrestling fans fight for Mustafa’s release.

Mustafa posted an image of The Joker from The Dark Knight standing before a pile of flaming money. It seems as though Ali is hoping to continue being a disruptor. Between his efforts and the growing fan movement, WWE might eventually relent. There has been plenty of support for Ali throughout the day.

“Freedom > All the money in the world. #FreeAli”


“Vinnie mac about to be his villain origin story #FreeAli

“Mustafa Ali should just tweet out whatever Vince’s racist plans were”

“Sick of WWE’s “if I can’t have you, nobody will” mentality. Especially if you’re not gonna let the man shine. #FreeAli”

We’ll see if WWE gives in to Mustafa Ali’s request for a release. For now, they appear to be standing firm. Fans are hoping to see Mustafa go elsewhere to show what he’s really capable of.

What do you think of the #FreeAli movement? Let us know in the comments!

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