Finn Balor was NXT Champion and finally made his return to the main roster only to put his opponents over in expert fashion. It is always a thrill for fans of Balor to see him perform, but they are always holding out for more. Those fans can keep hoping, because Vince McMahon would need to change his mind for things to improve for Fergal Devitt.

Ringside News was told by a tenured member of the creative team that Vince McMahon never saw Finn Balor as a key player. In fact, “Vince never had faith in Balor. To him, Balor is a high spot guy that doesn’t sell in a way that means box office. He sells, then he’s doing a spot, and Vince just thinks he’s filler on the roster.”

We were told that “Vince never had faith in Balor. Even when he made him the first Universal Champion.” Paul Heyman would feel much differently if he was still Executive Director of RAW.

That being said, WWE has not released the first-ever Universal Champion. His contract isn’t cheap, but “even if he’s making a million a year, that’s not a lot of money by today’s standards.”


The company has released a lot of people, but Finn Balor remains on the roster. The fact is that “AEW would bend over backwards” for Finn Balor. He has also been on WWE television long enough where it would be “another WWE guy going to AEW,” and in a big way.

WWE realizes that Tony Khan would offer Finn Balor a contract as soon as he is legally able to, and that could be one of the reasons why Balor is still around for high spots. Still, virtually nobody is off the table when talks of releases come up.

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