Eric Bischoff is perhaps no stranger to pro wrestling fans who were around or are at least aware of the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars. He’s been out of active duties in wrestling for quite some time, but has been critical of both WWE and primarily AEW. Tony Khan recently responded to the shade Bischoff has thrown his company’s way.

Bischoff is of course the mind behind the formation of the NWO and is responsible for WCW beating WWE in the ratings war of the late nineties. He dominated along with ex-WWE stars then at WCW in beating WWE for two straight years in the ratings. Of course WCW would fall by 2001 and the rest is of course history.

He went on to have many other roles in WWE and even TNA/Impact, but now is vocal on his podcast, 83 Weeks, and throws some pretty negative comments in the direction of AEW any chance he gets. As stated above though, he also takes some shots at WWE, with whom he has a better relationship with, as was proven by his recent appearance on Raw during Miz and Maryse’s vow renewal segment.

It was in a pretty infamous by now article at the Toronto Star which has been analyzing the difference between AEW, WWE and the competition between the two promotions, that these comments were made by Bischoff. On WWE he had this to say:


“The WWE product is just as successful as it has been over the last 20 or 25 years. The bad news is the formula that keeps WWE in the position that they’re currently in and enjoying is a very safe and sterile formula. The names change, the outfits change, but nothing else really does. It’s very very formulaic. It’s not attracting new viewers.”

On AEW he had this to say in that same piece:

“If they don’t have the balls to go head-to-head, then shut up and wrestle. There is no tactical advantage in completely degrading your competition when it’s clear to your audience that you don’t have the guts to do anything about it. You’re fighting a fight that you are not willing to get in. It’s childish to me.”

Not being one to simply take things lying down, Tony Khan responded in kind. He is not one to stay quiet either. If there have been those that have taken pot shots at him or his company, he responds, as he did here, and rather eloquently one might argue.

“I don’t care what night the shows are on. It’s really irresponsible for (Bischoff) to say that because I don’t pick what night the show is on. These are time slots that I was assigned.”

In reality, Khan and company are doing pretty well, and as I’ve stated before, that’s only after just about 3 years. 2021 has given the pro wrestling fans paying attention quite the new war to follow. Looks like 2022 is heating up to be just as entertaining according to this news.

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