Eddie Kingston earned his wrestling cred on the independent circuit. The Mad King worked in small promotions around the country for years before getting his big break. Eddie is trying to bring the reality back to his sport. Kingston knows that means acknowledging the importance of independent wrestling.

GCW is one of the hottest independent promotions in the United States. The company is most famous for their brutal deathmatches. GCW also has some of the top independent talent on their roster.

One of those top talents is AJ Gray. The GCW star has challenged Eddie Kingston to a match at the upcoming Hammerstein Ballroom event on January 23rd. Fans have been waiting for an answer from Eddie. The AEW star told the Battleground Podcast he’s working on it and awaiting approval from his employer.

“It doesn’t bother me at all. I know AJ. I know what AJ is trying to do. He’s trying to come up in the game and he’s gonna call me out, that’s fine. I know AJ and I like AJ, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna beat him up.


So if he wants to go, we’ll go. I just gotta check, you know, with how everything’s going down with AEW, and AEW is open to working with anybody, so just gotta make sure. If AJ wants to go, that’s fine. I think AJ forgot where I come from, and I think AJ also forgets nothings changed but zero’s on the check, my man!”

The Wrld on GCW takes place in New York City later this month. AEW star Ruby Soho is booked for the event in a match with Allie Katch. Jon Moxley is also scheduled for the event. Eddie Kingston might be joining her if everything gets approved by AEW.

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