Wardlow is one of the rising stars on the AEW roster. News recently broke that WWE is interested in bringing him in after his contract expires. The monster is focused on his duties with Tony Khan’s company for now, but the future looks very bright.

MJF recruited Wardlow as his personal bodyguard and a member of The Pinnacle. The monster athlete has been on a role ever since. Wardlow’s size and athleticism has mouths watering in Stamford.

Wardlow recently talked to Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport. The topic of the “Powerbomb Buffet” was brought up. Wardlow credited Chris Jericho for the spot. Jericho said he needed something like Brock Lesnar’s suplex city to help get him over.

“This started as a Jericho recommendation to me. He said, ‘You know how Brock suplexes people over and over? Why don’t you powerbomb people over and over.’ It might have been a little bit of a rib by Jericho, like, ‘Hey, let’s see your big ass powerbomb a 250-pound person as many times as you can.’


I’m not one to shy away from a challenge. Fortunately, I am Mr. Mayhem and love wreaking havoc, so powerbombing people until they are pancakes, I enjoy it dearly. I’ve been having so much fun every time I’ve stepped in the ring the past couple of months.”

Wardlow is preparing for the biggest match of his life. CM Punk must face the giant as he continues to pursue MJF. Wardlow is hoping his performance tonight on AEW Dynamite will shock the world.

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