Karrion Kross (now known as Killer Kross) was released from his WWE contract in November. Since then there has been a lot going on in his career. Kross is looking to take the independent circuit by storm. A return to WWE might not be permanently out of the picture, though.

Kross recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about his time in the company. The grappler noted that he always tried to be easy to work with while he was there. Killer Kross would be open to listening if WWE were to offer him another run. This time the circumstances would have to be very different.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I, respectfully, wouldn’t go back under the same circumstances just out of a logical standpoint. I definitely think I would be interested in a lot more certain things. I think one of my biggest mistakes in general was, you know, I do pride myself on being a pleasure to work with, with whatever is I’m doing. I like to create that good energy that goes around and often times I probably should be a little more assertive when I think something is a bad idea.

But I think this time around, with this particular situation, I was really concerned about possibly having to go back out there into a national economy which, for lack of better words, is still recovering. I think about my family, I think about people that I need to take care of, that I want to take care of. I think about my future, and working for WWE was the best place to be to secure stuff like that.”


An important lesson was learned by Kross during his WWE stint. If he ever returns, he’s going to try and speak up more about what he believes are bad creative decisions. Karrion Kross acknowledges that WWE is the best place to go if you’re thinking about financial security.

Killer Kross is currently happy to enjoy a taste of creative freedom. Kross didn’t like the way he was handled in WWE. Now he has the opportunity to control his narrative.

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