Omos is getting quite the push by WWE. The company is being hard-headed and are giving the way-too-green wrestler quite the push. It was on last night’s episode of Raw that he was awarded a squash match against an unknown – or rather a seemingly unknown. Now, the identity of that poor soul was revealed.

The monstrous push Omos is getting stands, no matter how disastrous his matches have been – particularly his match against AJ Styles. It was ponderous, slow and well, boring, according to most. But like always, WWE is looking past that, feeling that they know best.

The name the wrestler was given last night was Nick Sanders, but his actual name is Leo Sparrow. No…he wasn’t an actor; he is a trained wrestler. He trained at Create A Pro Wrestling, which is based out of Hicksville, New York.

The school is owned and operated by Brian Myers who wrestles over at Impact Wrestling. Of course, Myers wrestled in WWE as Curtis Hawkins. He opened the school in 2014 and graduates include: Kris Statlander, Max Caster, Bear Bronson, MJF, Smart Mark Sterling and many others.


The match on Raw against Omos marks the first match Sparrow has had this year. His last registered match on Cagematch is recorded as having happened for a Create A Pro event on December 12th – a match he lost to Vargas in Lynbrook, New York. Before that he was in a five-way scramble for IWC. he came out as the loser in that bout as well.

It is unclear as to how many matches, or rather squash matches WWE has planned for Omos moving forward, but perhaps it’s safe to assume that many more are on the horizon, with him coming out the victor every time out. It also looks like they might be pitting him against Reggie judging by the way things went down on Raw, but that remains to be seen.

They are trying to establish him as quite the unstoppable force for some face they try to make down the line. My only question is: Why didn’t they consider Commander Azeez instead? Regardless…Sparrow held his own and is proud of the accomplishment. Not everyone gets to be on Raw.

Domenic Marinelli

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