Stephanie McMahon has shifted over the last few years from her role on TV to becoming a more behind-the-scenes type of force in WWE. Her accomplishments in the boardroom have been many for sure and have been well-documented. Now she has been honored yet again for her work with WWE. This time by LinkedIn: “The largest professional network on the internet.”

McMahon, WWE’s Chief Brand Officer and Vince McMahon’s daughter, was a force as well on WWE’s television product for many years, dating back to the Attitude Era. She grew to perhaps be one of the most hated heels the company ever saw.

She established quite a good dose of what is known in pro wrestling as ‘go away heat,’ which is of course not a great phenomenon to deal with for talent. McMahon was always involved in the business side of things over the years, which included creative, talent relations and that list goes on.

Yet handle the dose of ‘go away heat,’ she did, and ‘go away’ she did as well, she has not been seen on TV in a story line capacity for quite some time. It is in her role with the company that she has been able to do more in terms of development and getting the company ‘out there,’ thus garnering more attention for her father’s company, which quite obviously led to this decision by LinkedIn.


Here is the statement on LinkedIn’s website as to why she garnered a spot for herself on their list:

“From launching an NFT marketplace to creating an unprecedented pipeline for college athletes to join the WWE, McMahon is shaping the future of the decades-old professional wrestling franchise. As WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, she is giving voice to women across the industry and has been named one of the most powerful women in sports by AdWeek.”

Of course, Stephanie is married to legendary in-ring performer, Triple H. The couple have three daughters. Others that made LinkedIn’s list include: Tim Tebow, A-Rod, Erika Nardini of Barstool Sports, Erin Ashley Simon, an Esports broadcaster, and so many more.

Domenic Marinelli

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