Thunder Rosa is quite the attraction for AEW. She has had multiple feuds and matches over the years that have garnered quite a bit of attention for both herself and AEW – namely the Lights Out St Patrick’s Day Match with Britt Baker. Now she has her sights set on some free-agents in the industry.

WWE has been releasing talent like it’s a regular day-to-day item of business, unfortunately. There are even more cuts coming according to a plethora of reports, as if there haven’t been enough already. One glaring release over the last few weeks was of course, Toni Storm – a definitive fan favorite. Apparently, Thunder Rosa is also a fan. She recently told Renee Paquette on an episode of Oral Sessions all about Toni and a few others that she’s very interested in working with.

“I never had the opportunity to work with Toni Storm, but I think she’ll be a great addition. She’s a great worker. All the people that I talk to, they have said that they enjoy working with her and they enjoy having her in the locker room. Another person that I would like AEW to sign, I don’t want to be biased, but one of my dear friends, La Rosa Negra, has a lot to bring to the table too.

I don’t feel like she’s been able to have that break. She’s done so much, mostly in Puerto Rico, but she’s done a lot for the women’s division in that area And she’s been all over Japan, she’s been in Mexico. She’s a hustler. That’s wishful thinking, hopefully, it happens.”


La Rosa Negra, who she also mentioned, has wrestled for AEW before, but of course isn’t officially signed as of this writing and is of course a free agent. The other wrestler she mentioned while speaking with Paquette was of course Ember Moon. Moon, who had quite the career in WWE herself, would equally be quite the opponent for someone of Thunder Rosa’s caliber, but we shall see what develops from this point on.

For right now, Thunder Rosa seems to have her hands full with the likes of Mercedes Martinez, who she had a second run-in with this past week on Dynamite. It’ll be interesting to see where this feud goes as well. The two have quite the history and can put on quite the match.

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