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It’s time for the final NXT of 2021 and we’re not really sure what to expect. We have full card announced since last week’s show, but since then there’s been something of a COVID outbreak within WWE. It’s unclear if the scheduled matches and segments are going ahead tonight but with only one week until New Year’s Evil it’s a pretty important night.

As for what’s actually supposed to take place tonight, Grayson Waller, hot off a stint on RAW, will face Dexter Lumis and we’re hoping the Phenomenal One makes an appearance again. Harland will compete in his second match against the returning Brian Kendrick, Carmelo Hayes and Roderick Strong will sign the contract for their upcoming title unification bout on January 4th, Riddle joins MSK to call-out Imperium, and Cora Jade teams with Raqeul Gonzalez to face Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne of Toxic Attraction.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!


NXT 2.0

We go live to the Capitol Wrestling Centre and out comes the man of the moment, Grayson Waller.

The fans greet Waller with a not-so-PG chant. He says there’s no better way to end the year than with the breakout star of the year. He says he woke up Christmas morning and he was such a god boy that he decided to take himself to Monday Night RAW. He was having a good time, keeping to himself, when AJ Styles wanted some of his clout – we see a replay of their interaction. Waller says he doesn’t understand why people like AJ Styles. He’s not a good guy, he threatened him last night.

Last week AJ came out on NXT with his crappy music and the fat-ass fans tried to get up and cheer for him but he doesn’t get it. AJ says he isn’t a star but there’s none brighter than him right now, and if it wasn’t for Apollo Crews he would have ended his career. Waller remembers he’s supposed to have a match with Lumis tonight. He says Lumis is delusional, he’s not even cleared to wrestle. He says Indi Hartwell is a three for him.

Regardless, they’ve found a suitable replacement for him and he doesn’t care who it is – he seems to care a little when Odyssey Jones answers the call. Before the bell can ring, Waller bails from the ring and struts up the ramp. Jones gets a microphone and tells him to hold up. He says Waller is prancing around like he is something, but as far as he’s concerned he’s nothing more than a big-time bitch. Waller takes the bait and gets back in the ring so the match can get underway.

Grayson Waller Vs. Odyssey Jones

Waller tries to evade Jones at the beginning but gets thrown across the ring with a biel. Jones knees Waller in the corner and lands some clubbing right hands. Waller tries to drop down under him but Jones just stands on his back instead. Waller leaps over Jones but then gets caught with a sidewalk slam and Odyssey scores a two-count.

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We’re back live and Waller has Jones on his knees and delivers a superkick. Waller goes to the middle rope and hits a springboard elbow drop for a two-count. Jones rises to his feet while Waller punches him but he shrugs them off. Waller attempts a leg lariat but gets caught and thrown. Jones hits a backbreaker but Waller comes back with a leg lariat in the corner. Jones lifts Waller for a powerbomb but Grayson rips the turnbuckle pad off in an attempt to prevent it.

Jones pulls him free and hits the powerbomb for a near-fall. Waller backs up to the corner and Jones runs at him but nobody’s home and he hits the exposed pad. Waller flees to the outside but when he sees Jones is stunned he dives through the ropes with a forward roll and hits a sweet Stunner for the win!

Winner: Grayson Waller

After the match AJ Styles appears on the screen. AJ says Waller thinks he’s a big man coming to RAW and getting in his face. Well next week he’s going to be at NXT for New Year’s Evil and he wants Waller in a match!

Raquel Gonzalez and Cora Jade are interviewed backstage. Jade says they can coexist, just like they did at WarGames. Raquel says tonight is about taking out some toxic trash. Io Shirai appears and says she wants whoever beats Mandy for the NXT Championship. Kay Lee Ray appears next and she says the same thing. Mandy Rose pops-up on the screen behind them and says how about we call an audible and tonight Raquel and Cora can face Io and Kay Lee Ray, the winning team joins her for the Triple Threat match next week.

Grayson Waller is backstage and he shouts at AJ Styles that he’s interrupted him twice now but next week it ends. Waller bumps into MSK, who’re on their way to the ring to call-out Imperium.

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Xyon Quinn is backstage and he says Elektra Lopez has to make a decision tonight. It’s either him or Legado Del Fantasma.

MSK make their way to the ring. Carter says it feels so good to be back and the fans chant for them. Lee says they haven’t been on NXT since Halloween Havoc. Carter says it’s been a beautiful journey, they found their shaman and they’re on a higher plane of existence. Riddle appears on the big screen and says he’s sorry he can’t be there but he’s with them in spirit. Riddle tells them to call out Imperium and he knows they can succeed.

Imperium come out speaking German and Italian and MSK ask for subtitles. Barthel says they’re uncultured. He says they can sit around fires, sing songs and ride scooters all they want, but the fact of the matter is they will never be able to touch them. The NXT Tag Team Titles will be staying with the very best team the division has ever seen. Lee says the songs they sung were amazing and Carter says they can put those titles on the line right now if they want to prove themselves.

Now Walter appears on the screen and says MSK are a disgrace to the sport. Barthel and Aichner actually honour the titles they hold. Riddle returns on a split-screen with Walter and he says he can’t let Euro-trash like him diss his boys, so how about the three stallions face Imperium at New Year’s Evil? Walter accepts the challenge and says they will expose MSK for what they are and prove that the mat is sacred.

Joe Gacy is outside with Harland. He says Brian Kendrick called Harland a freak but he is no freak. Gacy smiles at Harlnd, who faces Kendrick after the break.

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Edris Enofe is interviewed backstage and he says there was no better way to close out his 2021 than by beating Von Wagner. Speak of the Devil, Wagner appears and shouts at Enofe that he got lucky. Malik Blade appears beside Enofe and tells Wagner a win is a win but Wagner shoves him and officials have to come between them.

Harland and Joe Gacy are in the ring. Brian Kendrick’s music plays but he doesn’t appear. Gacy says he’s sorry to say he knew this would happen. Kendrick is like so many others, he talks a big game but when confronted they fail to show up. Andre Chase comes out and says they have a teachable moment. At his university they don’t quit or run away from problems. Gacy says they admire the work Chase does. He says Harland was once in education until he was unjustly expelled. He then thanks Chase for being Kendrick’s replacement and Chase looks surprised. Harland slams Chase by the shirt.

Andre Chase Vs. Harland W/Joe Gacy

The bell rings and Chase kicks Harland in the face a few times. Harland backs Chase into the corner and hits him, then walks him backwards and forces him over the ropes by the throat. Harland goes out and sends Chase inside, then drags him back out so he hits the bottom rope. Harland gets back inside and slams Chase’s head into the mat until he’s KO’d.

Winner: Harland

After the match Gacy asks Harland if he’s done and he shakes his head that he isn’t. One of Chase’s students is checking on him but Harland rips him out of the ring and carries him backstage.

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Legado Del Fantasma are backstage waiting for Elektra Lopez. She comes out and she’s annoyed that they’re there. Solo Sikoa walks through and Santos gets angry at him, tells him he needs to apologise. Sikoa says if they want to sort it out they can do so tonight.

Tiffany Stratton Vs. Fallon Henley

The debut of daddy’s girl Tiffant Stratton begins with a lock-up and she shoves the smaller Henley backwards. Fallon grabs a waistlock but Stratton turns it around and grabs the wrist. Fallons reverses into a wristlock of her own but Stratton hits a springboard to reverse it again. Stratton takes a headlock but Fallon shoots her off and she hits a shoudlder tackle. Stratton leaps over Henley and cheers, then hits her with a body slam. Stratton hits a handspring clothesline and walks backwards for a reverse Russian leg sweep and the pinfall.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

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It’s time for the contract signing and Wade Barrett invites Diamond Mine to the ring. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are out second. Trick talks on the way to the ring and talks with lots of slang. Malcolm Bivens translates for him, then translates Roderick Strong’s response into slang for Trick. The crowd enjoyed that part as the two sides came together in the ring.

Barrett tells everyone to calm down and says he wants to hear from the two men in the upcoming match. Hayes goes first and he says he doesn’t miss and that’s not a catchphrase, it’s a way of life. He tells Strong to look at the guys he’s put to rest, what’s the difference between Roderick and them? Not a damn thing. Next week he will unify the two titles because he is the most scintillating man in NXT and that’s all it’s going to be.

Strong says the fact that he had the guts to say that to his face is impressive. As much potential as Hayes has, New Year’s Evil will be a big night for both of them for different reasons. That’s because Strong will have the best night of his career when he unifies the titles, whereas Carmelo will be staring up at the lights and forever known thereafter as humbled Hayes. Barrett says the time for talk is done and it’s time to sign the contract.

Both men sign on the dotted line and start talking trash. Barrett high-tails it and Trick makes Hayes leave. Before Trick gets out of the ring, Bivens addresses him and says he loved watching Dexter Lumis beat him last week. Trick corners Bivens and says the grown men are talking, so Bivens asks if they can’t just get along. The Creed Brothers grab Trick and slam him through the table in the ring, while Hayes shakes his head on the outside.

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Solo Sikoa Vs. Santos Escobar W/Legado Del Fantasma

The match begins and Santos backs Sikoa up to the ropes and slaps his chest hard. Sikoa no-sells it and shakes his head. They come together and Santos attempts a sunset flip but Sikoa stays up and tries to stomp him but Santos rolls away. hey lock-up and Santos gets Sikoa down and takes his back. Solo stands with Santos on his back but Escobar transitions to an abdominal stretch while still haning on the back.

Sikoa slings Escobar off and tries to kick him but Escobar grabs his wrist. Sikoa shoves him backwards into the corner and connects with a clothesline. Sikoa hits a stiff body slam and a running splash for a two-count. Escobar rolls outside and Solo goes after him but gets distracted by Wilde and Mendoza. Escobar takes advantage and hits double knees to Solo, knocking him into the ring post. Escobar then runs Sikoa into the apron as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Escobar has Sikoa down with a submission as we return. Sikoa fights up and looks for a back body drop but gets caught with a Russian leg sweep. Santos rolls him up for a two-count, then delivers some forearms and a dropkick to the back. Escobar applies a single leg Boston crab and grinds him down until Sikoa reaches the bottom rope. Escobar htis a running knee and goes to an armbar.

Silo rolls out of the submission and gets to his feet as Santos berates him. Escobar punches him, kicks the gut and wants the Phantom Driver but Sikoa counters with a front suplex. Sikoa connects with an uppercut, back elbow, and a flurry of strikes in the corner. Sikoa lands a Samoan drop and landed hard on Escobar’s ribs so the referee holds him off for a moment. When he’s given the green light, Solo hits a senton.

Solo is about to hit a hip attack but Wilde and Mendoza cause a distraction and Escobar hits a chop block. Escobar takes him up top for a super Frankensteiner and readies for his finisher. Suddenly Santos notices Xyon Quinn is at ringside talking to Elektra Lopez. Escobar dives through the ropes onto Quinn, then tells Lopex she has to choose. Santos gets back inside and eats a superkick from Sikoa, who then heads up top and hits an Uso splash for the win!

Winner: Solo Sikoa

The camera cuts outside and we see Harland and Joe Gacy on the roof of the building with the guy from Andre Chase University. Harland is about to toss him off when Gacy convinces him not to.

*Commercial Break*

Solo Sikoa is walking backstage and he’s asked a question but before he can answer he’s attacked by Boa. Referees try to stop him and Boa attacks the cameraman as well.

We see a video package for the upcoming NXT Title match bewteen Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker.

Von Wagner Vs. mALIK bLADE

The bell rings and Balde runs at Wagner but gets scooped up and run into the buckles. Wagner shoulders Malik repeartedly and snuffs out a comeback. Blade slides under a boot and hits a kick to the face. Wagner tosses Blade up in the air and we see Robert Stone watching backstage. Wagner slowly beats Blade around and Malik tries to elbow him but gets caught with a nasty clothesline.

Blade fights out of the corner and connects with a few dropkicks to take Wagner off his feet. Blade hits a high crossbody and gets pumped up but runs into a reverse STO. Wagner wants a powerbomb but Malik rolls down the back and pins him for a near-fall. Wagner hits a high angle slam, then lifts Malik for a powerbomb and the win.

Winner: Von Wagner

After the match Wagner looks to attack Blade again but Edris Enofe comes out and helps his friend out of the ring. Robert Stone is smiling backstage.

*Commercial Break*

Kay Lee Ray & Io Shirai Vs. Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez

Shirai and Jade start the main event. Shirai evades Jade and counters a headscissors before hitting one of her own. Shirai mocks Jade’s inexperience but Cora kicks her and grabs a headlock. Jade hits a roll-up for a two-count, then a rope-asissted hurricanrana. Jade hits a running knee against the ropes and Raquel tags herself in.

Gonzalez grabs Io and throws her to the corner and tells Ray to tag in. Ray and Gonzalez trade blows until Raquel drops her, then tags Cora. Raquel military presses Jade and tries to throw her onto Ray but Shirai dropkicks her. Gonzalez gets knocked out of the ring and Ray hits a cannonball off the top rope onto her. Shirai then connects with a springboard moonsault to Gonzalez on the floor as well.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Ray is beating Jade in the middle of the ring. Ray applies a single leg Boston crab. Jade fights up and Ray looks to apply a gory special but Jade escapes and sends her into the buckles. Ray forearms Jade in the jaw and tags Io before hitting a suplex. Shirai goes up top as Ray knocks Raquel off the apron. Gonzalez drags Jade under the bottom rope to the apron but Ray hits her with a suicide dive.

Shirai drags Jade back in and hits a dropkick to the back, then a 619. Shirai goes up top and hits a front dropkick – landing horribly on Jade’s leg in the process. Shirai misses double knees in the corner and Ray tags in. Ray grabs Jade’s leg and she hits a weak enziguiri with her leg that Io landed on. Raquel tags in and rushes Ray with punches.

Gonzalez hits a release powerbomb into the ropes, backs her into the corner and lands a fallaway slam, then drags her to the corner for a spinning Vader Bomb. Ray fights back and looks for a leg lariat but gets caught with a Chingona Bomb. Jade tags herself in and Raquel is angry. Shirai jumps off the top rope and Gonzalez catches her, then dumps her onto the apron. Jade then gets rolled-up by Ray but Gonzalez shoves them over and Jade pins Ray for the win!

Winners: Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade

Mandy Rose appears on the screen as Jade and Gonzalez are arguing in the ring. She says she knew they’d win the match and she’s happy about it because next week she gets to shut them both up in one fell swoop.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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