Kevin Owens has decided to re-sign with WWE. That decision has, of course, caused many to chime in with their very own opinions on social media. This is especially true seeing that Owens had at one time fueled the fires that he would be perhaps going to AEW once his WWE contract expired.

Owens is trending worldwide on Twitter and for very good reason. Of course, he would have had a place in AEW, as many of his friends in the industry are nestled quite well within that promotion: The Bucks, Adam Cole, etc.

It seemed like a sure thing to most, but Owens was suddenly seen in very prominent storylines on WWE programming since those rumors started to spread like wildfire on the internet and social media. Perhaps WWE saw just how important he was to the overall product moving forward.

Many are speculating that he was offered something he could positively not refuse. Yes, that means possibly a title shot – or even a major title win – somewhere down the line. Besides, Owens is a proud family man and he would have made the best decision for his family.


There is a narrative that has started online since he started to trend, that maybe he will now be released once the company (WWE) has no more use for him, but that is merely speculation online, and no matter how possible that may be, as it has happened before.

The feelings posted online are definitely a mix, some in favor and some not, which was to be expected. Of course not everyone can go to AEW, as that roster is filling up quite a wee bit as it is, but the question surely remains: Was this the best decision for Kevin Owens moving forward, and for his legacy?

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Domenic Marinelli

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