Hook made quite the in-ring debut on Rampage this past Friday, and although he is only 22, he made quite the impression in his match against a very accomplished wrestler in Fuego Del Sol. So much the positive impression he made, that the editors here at Ringside News decided to launch a poll for fun on the Ringside Twitter account to see who would win the AEW Title first between 4 wrestlers.

The wrestlers in question were Dante Martin, Max Caster, Brian Pillman Jr., and of course Hook, son of the legendary Taz. All of those men are in comparable stages in their respective careers. The response to Hook was astounding to say the least and many are saying that that response is based solely on his incredibly impressive debut.

It was in that match that he showed shades of his father of course, but also the in-ring style of Cody Rhodes, which makes sense because he has studied at the Nightmare Academy for years, and as Taz was saying on commentary as the action unfolded in the ring, his son is quite the accomplished athlete and martial artist.

The internet being the internet of course, also had its comments against any of these men being in the running for th AEW Championship, but a closer inspection of the wording on the post would be in order. It was asked, whom out of the four would be champion first? By no means did this mean that any of them would be champion next week, but down the line. Between the 4 of them, who would be the champ first?


So the people responded and they responded in favor of Hook for obvious reasons. Over 1,300 people responded to the query put forth by the editors at Ringside News, and “Hook won by a landslide,” as my editor stated this morning, he not expecting that result.

Perhaps no one really expected that result, but let’s call a spade a spade: Down the line, with many more years of experience divided amongst them respectively, any one of these four men have a chance at that title…but with Hook, there was just a tad of that Je ne sais quoi to him in that match, and the Ringside readers picked up on that as well, as the poll undoubtedly suggests.

Is Hook a new pillar for AEW? Sound off in the comments!

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