Hulk Hogan remains one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling, with his influence in the business never being understated. However, his troubled past concerning racism has ultimately led to his downfall. Seth Rollins also doesn’t think he’s good human being.

Hulk Hogan was booed at WrestleMania 37 when he was introduced with Titus O’Neil as the hosts of the pay-per-view. This all stemmed from him using racial slurs in a leaked 2015 sex tape.

Hulk Hogan is also no stranger to controversy even excluding the racist remarks. A few months ago, a Twitter account by the name of Allan took to the social media platform and gathered a collection of Hulk Hogan’s lies over the years.

Now it seems that the Twitter account has once again resurfaced and provided fans with an even bigger collection of Hulk Hogan’s lies over the years.


Hogan in his autobiography claimed he batted an “unheard-of” .714 in the Little League World Series. In fact, it was so unheard-of that to this day, the Little League has no record of a Terry Bollea ever even playing in its World Series.

In 1983, Vince McMahon Jr. flew to Minneapolis personally to re-sign Hulk, which was risky according to Hulk considering that “Minneapolis was a very small town” back in 1983… It had a population of 1.8 million.

According to the truth teller, Hu;k Hogan, when he signed with the WWF Bob Backlund was very upset and jealous. Hogan talked about bitter Bob not wanting to pass the torch to the incoming star, refusing to appear or tag with Hogan. These screengrabs must be CGI generated then.

I can’t breathe. Hogan said this about out drawing the pope at the Silverdome: “The Pope, God bless him, only filled 80,000 seats. But it was okay. I was preaching the gospel in the ring that day anyway, so whoever came got their dose.”

Hulk Hogan will continue to make outrageous claims and be caught red-handed on numerous occasions, but that is unlikely to stop him anytime soon.

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