It’s a well-known fact that WWE uses “seat fillers” to fill in empty seats when fans get up to go to the bathroom or get a refreshment. The idea is to always have it look like there’s a full crowd, at least as far as the camera can see. Now, a video has emerged detailing the rules and regulations laid out for these seat fillers by WWE.

The Twitter account @Machobeard4life shared two videos. In the sneaky shots, what is ostensibly a WWE employee gives instructions to seat fillers. They also give advice on what to tell the people whose seats they’re filling once they’ve returned.

“Somebody who hopefully paid a lot of money for the seat you’re sitting in comes back and is every confused as to why you are sitting there. Kindly and politely explain, ‘Hey, listen, I’m a seat filler. I’m with WWE. I’m only sitting here until you get back. Most of the time, that will solve all problems.”

Seat fillers were also instructed not to confront any ticketholders who become problematic about the process. In the second video, the employee laid out rules. The crowd was instructed not to touch the talent.


“Fellas, if you are close enough to hug Carmella, don’t even think about it. Ladies, if you are close enough to touch Finn’s abs, do not think about it.

Please don’t touch the talent. Please don’t throw anything at our talent.”

The videos give an interesting look into a process that most people will never experience. They’re obviously stressing security after the recent fan attack on Seth Rollins at a recent Raw. It’s also interesting that they address the possibility for somebody getting mad over the practice.

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