Heath Slater has been a fan of professional wrestling for a long time it would seem. His love of the industry goes back a long time, as an incident involving WWE Hall of Famer, Michael PS. Hayes of the Fabulous Freebirds would suggest. The event would have an impact on Slater though, as he shared the story recently.

It was while he was on Talk ‘n Shop that he revealed quite the hilarious encounter between his mother and the wrestling legend. He stated that Hayes actually asked his mom out after a wrestling show his mom had taken him to see when Slater was eight years old! He said of the encounter:

“He hit on my mom when I was like eight. After the show, we’re walking out. Next thing you know, he and Jimmy ‘Jam’ Garvin pull up in this damn car. Michael Hayes pulls up, my mom’s walking, and the next thing you know, you hear ‘hey babe!’ My mom turns around and looks, I’m looking and I’m like ‘oh s–t, that’s Michael Hayes!’ He literally said ‘hey! I’m staying at the Marriott down the street. Come by the bar!’ I say ‘mom! Let’s go!’

So he’s hitting on my mother and me being eight, I’m like ‘hey, let’s go! I want to have fun mom!’ So my mom is there like ‘nah, that’s okay. Good show’ this and that. And Michael’s like ‘nah babe, seriously. Meet me at the bar.’ And then they drive off you know, and I’m looking at my mom like ‘mom, let’s go!’ Then we went home. It was just one of those things. That shoot happened.


The funny thing about it is I, in all consciousness, in all faith, told Dr. Tom about it. So Dr. Tom Prichard, when Michael Hayes came down to elevate talent in FCW, he thought it was funny to bring it up. And then Hayes was like ‘oh yeah! I remember her!’ So everyone would go around and joke that Hayes is my real father, that type of s–t. How do you think I had a job for fifteen years?!”

Slater started wrestling back in 2004 and went through WWE’s developmental territory known as FCW, as stated in his quote above. He was actually signed with WWE since 2006 (including the years in developmental), but was released in 2020. He now wrestles for Impact Wrestling.

*Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

Domenic Marinelli

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