Just recently after her split up with former tag teammate Nia Jax, Shayna opened up about her ambitions in the industry. Shayna had a recent interview where she expressed her aim to set a legacy for herself and her fans.

The former Women’s Tag Team Champion has made her recent switch to SmackDown. In a recent interview with SP3 during Survivor Series weekend, she expressed her willingness to restart her career in WWE. Baszler expressed her thoughts,

“I mean, I’ve been on Raw the whole time I’ve been here. So, going over to SmackDown, there’s a new locker room and there’s a whole crop of new talent, and on top of like things personally in my career. I’m not in a tag team now. I’ve been in a tag team for a while, so it’s a good way to look at it is that it’s a restart.”

Baszler further discussed her future goals in the professional wrestling industry. She now aims to be a champion, but has another goal in mind. She wants to reestablish the fact that it’s dangerous to be against her in the ring. Now that she split up from her tag team role, she wants to concrete her sole dominance in the ring.


“Obviously, the title is always a goal for anyone that is in this business. But I really just want to, like we talked about, it’s a restart. So I just want to reestablish the fact that it’s a dangerous time to be in the ring with me. I hadn’t been on a tag team really before. Now that I’m stepping away from that, so to speak, it’s a good time to remind people what I’m about. And maybe even some people that didn’t see my NXT run to just even introduce them to what I’ve been about.”

Of course, Nia Jax was released from WWE so she is no longer a part of the company anymore.

Baszler stated that the title still remains at the top of her big picture. However, there are a lot of people and reasons to leave a legacy. It’s really important for her to leave a dent in the industry.

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