WWE and NJPW were talking about a deal, mostly due to Bryan Danielson. Vince McMahon’s company wanted to keep Bryan under contract, and Danielson wanted to work for NJPW as well. This caused WWE to reach out and attempt a deal.

Rocky Romero spoke about New Japan and it’s working relationships with promotions like AEW in a recent Battleground Podcast Rocky Romero also discussed the differences between companies like WWE, AEW and New Japan. According to him, AEW and New Japan portrays theatrical wrestling aspects in an innovative way while WWE relies on vanilla theatrics.

Romero thinks that in one hand there is theatrics and on the other there is innovative theatrics. It’s more about the character and the characters expressing their own thing. Like having a championship that matters, which AEW has been great about.

Hangman Page just won the title after a year long feud and people are talking about him. Romero says that was great storytelling. That, according to him, is what everybody wants. Rocky Romero says, “Everybody wants to be the top guy, everybody wants to be the champion. So let them figure it out for a year. And still, that story still isn’t even done, because you can tell Kenny’s won one and Adam Page has one. Obviously we’re three or four years from seeing where that goes. That’s the intriguing part.”


Rocky Romero greatly benefited greatly from the Forbidden Door alliance between AEW and New Japan. He participated in matches on both AEW Dark: Elevation and AEW Dynamite. However, there were rumors that New Japan would instead be working with WWE after talks between the two sides became public in May. Rocky Romero detailed just how close the two sides got explaining,

“With AEW, they have a true understanding of New Japan and what the product is and have a complete respect for the history of the product for what the product is, for the wrestlers and how they do it. Obviously because New Japan wrestlers kind of leaving New Japan helped start AEW. So there’s always been that crossover connection. It just seems to make sense in the grand scheme of things with both companies working together. And I think it’s been, obviously, it’s just been the beginning of it. And I think that this is going to be like the Hangman Page-Kenny Omega feud. This is going to be a long term thing, so I think people are excited of course. And they’re ready for Okada to show up and fight Kenny at Full Gear or something. But I think this is going to be a long term thing, because both companies are building themselves up right now.”

We might never see a deal between NJPW and WWE at this point. It would have certainly been interesting to see go down.

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