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Tonight’s NXT 2.0 will be headlined by the huge Triple Threat for the North American Championship. Carmelo Hayes defends his title for the first time against both Johnny Gargano and Pete Dunne, but he will have Trick Williams in his corner. Can Hayes retain against two NXT veterans? Will Gargano win the Championship for a second time? Or will Pete Dunne win it for the first time? Let us know your prediction in the comments.

After seemingly turning heel last week, Grayson Waller gets a match against Tommaso Ciampa on tonight’s show, albeit a non-title affair. Mandy Rose will also be in action but her title won’t be on the line either as she faces Cora Jade. Elsewhere, Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta take on Kacy Catanzaro & Jayden Carter, and we may see more from Cameron Grimes, Xyon Quinn, Legado Del Fantasma, and more.

That’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!



NXT 2.0 opens with Grayson Waller in the ring. He says he’s in the opening video for NXT but Tommaso Ciampa isn’t, and that tells you everything you need to know. The fans boo him and chant for Ciampa. Grayson says he’s just like John Cena, The Rock, and Roman Reigns, people the “Twitter freaks” booed relentlessly. All three of those men gave their everything and the fans booed but they’re all killing it now and he’s joining their ranks.

Grayson Waller Vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The bell rings and Grayson ducks between the ropes to keep Ciampa at bay. They lock-up and Waller slaps Ciampa, which pisses the pyscho killer off. Ciampa beats Waller down in the corner and hits a few knees, then a running boot. Waller rolls out of the ring and sits on a chair but Ciampa goes out and chops him hard. Back inside, Ciampa lands punches in the corner until Grayson trips him and hits a neckbreaker.

Waller hits some ground-and-pound. Ciampa eats lots of right hands and kicks and gets choked on the middle rope. Ciampa tries to rally but gets caught with a spinebuster. Waller mimics The Rock and looks for a People’s Elbow but Ciampa avoids it. Tommaso connects with lots of clothelines, culminating in Waller going over the ropes. Ciampa goes out and hits one more for good luck on the floor. Ciampa tosses Waller over the announce desk and pats himself on the back.

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We return to find Ciampa chopping Waller in the corner. Waller knocks him back and leaps from the middle rope but Ciampa connects with a switch knee and both men are down. Ciampa chops Grayson and hits a snap DDT, then looks for the Fairytale Ending but Waller rolls him up for two. Waller lands a couple more roll-ups but Ciampa counters one with a knee.

Waller hits a sit-out spinebuster for a near-fall. Waller drags Ciampa over and climbs to the top rope. Ciampa punches him and climbs up for a superplex but he gets shoved back down. Ciampa jumps back up and grabs Waller for an Air Raid Crash from the middle rope but Waller kicks out! Grayson counters the Fairytale Ending with some knees, then lifts Ciampa for a rolling fireman carry.

Waller goes to the middle rope and hits a springboard elbow drop for a near-fall. The fans give them a “this is awesome” chant. Ciampa rolls outside and Waller htis a big tope to the outside. Waller rolls Ciampa inside and dives through the ropes but gets thrown back to the apron and hit with Willow’s Bell. Ciampa lifts Waller and hits the Fairytale Ending for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

LA Knight is interviewed backstage. He says he knew Waller would lose, which is why he didn’t interfere. He says the fans chanted “Waller sucks” and they were completely right. Joe Gacy appears and says Knight is being toxic but they can relieve their micro-aggressions in the safe space. Knight calls him a creep and tells him to open the safe space because he’s going to bring some aggression but it won’t be micro.

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Toxic Attraction arrive at the building and Mandy talks trash about Cora Jade until they run into Dakota Kai, who starts walking with them but doesn’t speak. They find a bunch of glass and wreckage on the ground and say whoever did it is a freak and walk off. Kay Lee Ray appears with a bat and smiles.

Cameron Grimes comes to the ring looking haggard and sullen. Grimes says he grew up in a small town in North Carolina. Every day people would push him around and tell him he wasn’t good enough, but he showed them he was. He scratched, clawed, slept on a concrete floor, and scraped for change so he could eat, he showed them he has what it takes. He made it rich but he kept his hair and beard to remind himself of where he came from. Duke Hudson took all that away from him, humiliated him, and now he wants him to come to the ring.

Hudson appears on the screen getting a haircut. He says he barely recognised Grimes with his new cut. He’s got nothing to be angry about. Last week Grimes took a lot of money from him and got a haircut for free, he should be grateful. Duke says he’s trying to help Grimes look less like a troll. Grimes shouts at him to come to the ring but Hudson refuses. Grimes says he gave him a chance last week to show how big his balls are but he proved he as gutless and nutless. But how about they go all in? How about they have a match, hair vs. hair? Hudson agrees.

Pete Dunne cuts a promo in which he says Johnny Gargano has stood in his way too many times, so tonight he puts him to sleep. As for Carmelo Hayes, he thinks he’s the leader of the new school but give Dunne a break. Tonight the Bruiserweight becomes the North American Champion.

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We see a vignette for a new NXT Superstar called Tiffany Stratton. She’s playing tennis and we don’t see her face clearly but she’s talking about being rich and that he daddy says she’s ready to take over NXT and he’s never wrong. She says she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth… because silver is tacky.

Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta Vs. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

We start with Persia and Kayden and Carter grabs a sideheadlock. Persia shoots her offand hits a shoulder tackle. Indi tags in but she looks distracted, thinking about her injured husband. Indi gets caught with a Frankensteiner by Kacy and she tags Kayden for some double team moves. Kacy and Kayden continue to make quick tags and beat Indi down but Persia breaks the pin attempt. Pirotta tags in but Kacy peppers her with kicks and punches.

Persia hits Kacy with snake eyes, then tags Hartwell back in and they hit a backbreaker/clothesline combo. Persia tags in and applies a bear hug to Carter, then runs her into the buckles. Kacy avoids a tackle and she makde a tag to Kayden while Indi tags in but she’s not even looking. Carter kicks Persia but gets caught with a sidewalk slam. Carter rolls her up for two, then puts Kacy on her shoulders and throws her off for a splash to Indi and the pinfall.

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

*Cmmercial Break*

Andre Chase is backstage giving a tour to some of his students. He sees Cameron Grimes and says this is a teachable moment: don’t make decisions when you’re angry because you can lose your hair. Grimes tells him to go to Hell and walks off.

Santos Escobar W/Legado Del Fantasma Vs. Malik Blade

They lock-up and Escobar forces Blade to the corner. Escobar controls the early moments, hitting a snapmare and stomping Blade down. Blade rolls him up for a near-fall, then Escobar beat him down in the corner. Santos hits an exploder suplex into the buckles before hitting running knees and the Phantom Driver for the pinfall.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Elektra Lopez gets on the microphone and says nobody says no to Legado Del Fantasma. And now that Santos Escobar is back, they’re stronger than ever. Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner come out and O’Reilly says they want the same thing, the Tag Titles. Wagner says as far as he’s concerned, they have unfinished busienss because his foot was on the bottom rope.

Imperium appear on a platform above the others and call the fans ignorant and dumb. Barthel says the teams should be embarassed of themselves and calls Von Wagner Lurch. Barthel asks if any of them really think they could fight Imperium and the fans chant for Legado. Imperium says neither of the teams are able to step-up. Aichner says the era of Imperium will continue, regardless of who they face next.

Cora Jade is backstage and runs into Io Shirai, Zoey Stark and Raquel Gonzalez, all of whom are arguing. Jade stops them and says the whole “can we co-exist” thing is boring. So how about they find a fourth member while she kicks Mandy Rose’s ass.

*Commercial Break*

Tony D’Angelo is interviewed backstage and asked about the North American Championship Triple Threat. Tony says the odds are all over the place but his money is on Hayes and asks if Mackenzie has any money to put down. He sends it back to the announcers, calling them Stooges.

Mandy Rose Vs. Cora Jade

The match starts and they lock-up, with Jade forcing Mandy backwards so she throws her. Mandy grabs Jade by the face but eats a forearm. Mandy blocks a kick but gets caught with an enziguiri. Jade attempts a shining wizard but Rose counters with a spinebuster for a two-count. Rose batters Cora with kicks and forearms in the corner, then hits a suplex for a two-count.

Mandy applies a bodyscissors but Jade bends back into a pin for two. Jade rolls-up Mandy for a near-fall, then lands some clotheslines. Jade hits a Frankensteiner and a shining wizard for a two-count. Kay Lee Ray comes down to the ring with her baseball bat and pings it off the ring post, thenbreaks a laptop on a table. Mandy Rose is distracted and Jade rolls her up for the win!

Winner: Cora Jade

Carmelo Hayes says the disrespect ends tonight. Pete Dunne says he has five years experience on him but he looks like an old man, and if he wants to rock with the old school he can die with it. As for Gargano, he bragged about being in NXT for five years but he’s been in NXT for five months and done almost as much. Tonight he shoots and he won’t miss.

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Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez and Zoey Stark are congratulating Cora Jade backstage and Kay Lee Ray appears. She says she’s joining them to fight Toxic Attraction and she’ll be in the advantage ladder match next week.

Joe Gacy is in the ring. LA Knight makes his entrance but gets attacked by Grayson Waller from behind and they fight to the back. Joe Gacy is sitting in a chair and he says he apologises for that. He wishes he could have taught Knight how to handle things without violence. Diamond Mine come out and Malcolm Bivens says, because Joe tried to steal their spotlight last week, tonight they’re stealing his. He tells Joe to get out of the ring because Ivy Nile has a match.

Gacy says he understands that and he respects Bivens, but he doesn’t respect Roderick Strong, whose name alone is an example of toxic masculinity. Joe says the Cruiserweight division by definition is meant to divide and triggers those that don’t fir the weight parameters. Strong tells him to shut up and says he’s his next money match and tells Bivens to make the match official so he can embarass him. Bivens says he’ll get that match booked for War Games and Gacy thanks them. Harland appears behind Gacy as back-up and Joe smiles at him.

*Commercial Break*

MSK are still looking for their shaman. They’re driving down the road at night, high, and get pulled over by some cops. They have a bag of drugs and debate what they should do with it. The cop asks about their speed limit and says they were driving at 7 MPH and they thought they were speeding. He makes them get out of the car and they panic, saying they don’t want to go to jail. The cop asks them to open their bag but someone speeds past and the cop leaves them.

Ivy Nile W/Diamond Mine Vs. Yulisa Leon

The match gets underway and Nile shoots for Leon but she avoids her and dances. Nile catches her with cartwheel kick, then grabs a waistlock. Nile does push-ups on the back of Leon, then gravs a front facelock. Nile drops Leon with a big clothesline, then Leon tries to roll her up to no avail. Ivy applies a triangle choke and some sit-ups. Nile hits a big boot, then applies a modified dragon sleeper with her own arms clasped behind her back and Leon taps.

Winner: Ivy Nile

Solo Sikoa cuts a promo in which he says he used to walk with The Uso’s but now he walks alone. And it doesn’t amtter who steps to him, they will all fall to Solo Sikoa.

LA Knight and Grayson Waller are still battling backstage and officials are stuggling to keep them apart.

*Commercial Break*

Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

Jensen starts against James Drake and beats him into the corner beore tagging Brooks so they can hit a double team punch. Jensen tags back in and lands some odd right hands but Drake hangs between the ropes to keep him back, then takes a cheap shot. Drake gets out of the ring and runs around before sliding back in and tagging Gibson as Jensen chases him. Gibson grabs a headlock and takes Jensen down, and the camera cuts to backstage where Waller and Knight are still fighting.

Jensen hits a back suplex and makes the tag to Briggs. Drake tags in as well and Briggs runs over him with clotheslines and kicks, before knocking Gibson off the apron. Briggs looks for a suplex but Drake lands on his feet and feigns an injury. Gibson attempts to sneak attack him but gets booted out of the ring. Briggs hits a backbreaker to Drake, then tags Jensen so they can hit a high-and-low for the win.

Winners: Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

*Commercial Break*

North American Championship

(C) Carmelo Hayes W/Trick Williams Vs. Johnny Gargano Vs. Pete Dunne

The main event kicks-off and Hayes attacks Gargano. Dunne is sent out of the ring and Gargano and Hayes go back-and-forth. Dunne comes back but Hayes grabs a headlock. Dunne shoots him off and hits a clothesline, then he and Johnny attempt multiple submissions. Dunne leapfrogs and ducks under Gargano a few times, then Hayes attacks them both.

Dunne takes Hayes down and grabs his foot, then Gargano cmes in and Dunne takes him down as well and applise a Boston crab to both. Trick crawls into the ring and drags Hayes out and Gargano boots Dunne in the face. Johnny and Dunne struggle for control and Hayes comes in with a springboard clothesline to both. Gargano counters a suplex, then hits a bulldog to Hayes and a clothesline to Dunne.

Gargano kicks off Hayes to hit a tornado DDT to Dunne and both of them roll outside. Johnny then dives through the ropes onto Dunne, then gets back inside and does the same to Hayes. Gargano marches around the ring before getting back inside and shakes the ropes like the Ultimate Warrior as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and all three men are down. Durin the break Hayes took gargano down with a springboard leg drop. All three slowly rise and land blows. Dunne takes Hayes down with a triangle but Gargano breaks it up. Gargano is sent to the apron but he hits Hayes with a slingshot spear. Dunne grabs Gargano and attemtps the Bitter End but Johnny counters with a DDT for a near-fall.

Hayes clothesline Dunne in the corner but then Gargano and Dunne hit him with stereo superkicks. Hayes drops Gargano, then suplexes Dunne onto him for a near-fall. Dunne connects with an enziguiri in the corner, then stomps the elbow of Hayes and the hands of Gargano. Johnny fires back with a poisonrana to Dunne and a clothesline to Hayes and again all three are down.

Gargano lawn darts Hayes into the buckles and goes to the apron where he kicks Trick WIlliams. Dunne sends Hayes outside and hits Gargano with the Bitter End and covers but Tony D’Angelo drags him out of the ring! D’Angelo sends Dunne into the stee steps. Hayes goes to the top rope and hits a leg drop to Gargano for the win.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

After the match Trick tries to fist bump Tony but he doesn’t know how. Suddenly Grayson and Knight fight down to the ring and everyone starts brawling. Hayes, Trick, Ton and Waller manage to clear the ring and pin Gargano down with his hand inside a chair. Hayes is about to jump on it when Tomasso Ciampa comes out.

Ciampa, Dunne and Knight clear Tony, Waller and Hayes from the ring, then Ciampa lifts Gargano up as the fans chant “D.I.Y”. Bron Breakker marches out to the ringside and screams “War Games!” then he, Waller, Grayson and D’Angelo storm the ring and the show ends wth them all brawling as a siren plays. At WarGames it will be old school Vs. new school.

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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