It seems that WWE have completely shelved the plans as of this writing for the much awaited documentary on Vladimir Abouzeide, one of pro wrestling’s most devoted fans for the past three decades.

The billion-dollar conglomerate released the trailer of “Superfan: The Story of Vladimir” in April this year. The trailer has so far garnered 132k views on WWE’s official YouTube channel.

According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, WWE has yet to confirm the release date of the documentary even though the film is “100% post-produced and completed.”

“Like other projects, it’s just sitting there, even though it is 100% post-produced and completed,” Johnson noted. He added that there have been no communication between the company and Vladimir in recent months.


“There was talk WWE was trying to spin off their original docs for additional revenue by licensing them a third-party, potentially A&E, but there’s been no word on that front and thus, the Vladimir doc (and other projects) sit in suspended animation.

“Having seen the doc, I can tell you that if WWE doesn’t change that strategy, they’ll have to change the end of it whenever they do get around to putting it out, because as of January 1st, some of the ending will have been outdated.”

Johnson said the film aired for a week during the Los Angeles Shorts documentary film festival and received rave reviews from the audience members, adding that it is “nothing short of excellent, one of the all time best docs WWE has ever produced…”

He also called on the WWE to release the documentary as “it would do a lot of good for Vladimir,” who’s suffering from health complications. Johnson praised Vladimir for being a dedicated fan throughout the years and said WWE making a documentary on him “truly energized him in a way that he needed during a truly rough period of his life.”

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Manik Aftab

Manik Aftab serves as a news writer at Ringside News. He has covered pro wrestling and sports entertainment for a variety of publications, including Sportskeeda Wrestling, The Sportster, and WrestleZone. Outside of his professional duties, Manik likes to indulge in fiction, thrillers, comics, manga, and anime.

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