AJ Lee’s influence in the pro wrestling world cannot be understated. After CM Punk made his debut in AEW, many fans wanted AJ Lee to follow suit and join her husband. It seems she has an interesting take on her WWE run.

AJ Lee’s success story in WWE is certainly a remarkable one, to say the least as she is given credit for helping to jumpstart the WWE’s Women’s Revolution. She left pro wrestling back in 2015 but finally made her return earlier this year.

While speaking on State of Mind with Maurice Benard, AJ Lee talked about her WWE run. AJ Lee believes that WWE might have only hired her as a trainer had she not been so good on the microphone.

“Yeah. I mean, especially when I started, it was like, the prototype was Pamela Anderson. That’s what the women looked like, or familiar with Chyna? It was like you had to be an Amazon woman or a sexpot, and I’m neither. I also paid to try out, which is such a gimmick, but it worked. I got hired. I don’t think it was supposed to. I don’t think I was supposed to succeed. I think I was, you know, good in the ring, and I was supposed to train other girls that were way hotter to go to TV, and then I just got really lucky where I got popular with the fans.”


It was the first day, they called me into the — there were like three rings in three rooms and we’re running spots, and I can run a spot. I am fine in the ring. But they called me into one of the rooms. They’re like, ‘Cut a promo’. I was like, ‘I thought we were doing that on Wednesday?’ They’re like, ‘Cut a promo right now on the spot. You just have to make it up.’ I didn’t have anything planned. so I was just like — I went into a heel character, like the bad guy character. I was just a dick, and it worked. That’s my natural instinct. So that was kind of what got me over with the fans was I looked like them and this is the first time they could see themselves represented on screen. Just like, I was like an average chick. I was like, a fan could make it into the ring. That connected us.”

We will have to wait and see how AJ Lee will fare in her new role now that she is officially back to the pro wrestling world. Fans are simply glad to see her back and that is what matters in the end.

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