Billy Gunn has always been one to show up in tip-top shape. He has been one of the wrestlers predominantly known for his physique – especially when looking at those from the Attitude Era. He recently made such the impression with his physique, that he ended up trending on Twitter.

He first started his pro wrestling journey in 1985. He dominated in WWE, especially in the tag team division. He of course was part of the New Age Outlaws with the Road Dogg Jesse James. He won the tag titles in WWE a total of 11 times, with a plethora of partners ranging from the aforementioned James, Bart Gunn, and Chuck Palumbo. Of course, he and Jesse James were both part of the DX faction – post Shawn Michaels.

He didn’t always see eye-to-eye with Triple H, which is probably why he so often left the company and on many occasions, but he has found a home in AEW. This new home not only provides a place for himself to wrestle, but also his two sons, Colton and Austin, both talented wrestlers in their own right.

Now fresh off the heels of an epic match with Darby Allin last night on Rampage, Billy Gunn trended worldwide, and all because of how awesome he did in fact look. At 58 yeas old, that’s no small feat.


One user said: “I’ve always admired Billy Gunn’s physique. I’m convinced my guy has never been out of shape.”

Another saying: “And he can still go at a decent rate. Whatever deal Billy Gunn made with the devil to be still as good as he is at 58 and as shredded as he is has paid off #AEWRampage”

He’s extremely active on social media, especially amongst fitness types, and he is always great for tips. He’s often on Mike O’Hearn’s highly successful YouTube channel. It is there that the two can be seen working out and sharing knowledge. For those of you that don’t know, Mike O’Hearn is a former Mr. Universe and American Gladiator.

The match last night did get a wee bit of heat because of the fact that Billy didn’t sell Darby’s coffin drop according to some users, although some did feel that Darby is still young and they defended the legendary Billy Gunn. One user saying: “It’s billy f*cking Gunn. Everyone looks passed it. Also we all knew he was going to put over Darby. Not a fail. It’s a win.”

Domenic Marinelli

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