It isn’t as easy as it seems to most to be a professional wrestler. These athletes take bumps that lead to serious injuries, and sometimes career-ending injuries. If there’s anyone that knows a thing or two about that, it’s Tegan Nox.

Nox started her wrestling career in 2013 and since then has made her way through some of the more major promotions on the indie circuit. She has made stops at Progress Wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes, World Wonder Ring Stardom and of course TNA. She debuted in WWE in 2017.

She went into detail about some of the many injuries she suffered while with the company, and although she’s pretty upbeat about it, it can be argued that the poor young woman is quite accident prone, it would seem. She made these comments while speaking on Wilde On:

“I didn’t really get hurt on the indies. Like, I snapped my collarbone once and the odd finger break or nose break which, you know comes part and parcel. But, within the second week (of WWE), I tore my right ACL. Like, as soon as getting there, we were getting ready for the first Mae Young and then it just tore in the middle of class.


There was no crazy thing that I did. Me and Dakota Kai locked up and my knee just went, just exploded. We locked up and twisted and my right foot stayed pointing forward and my body turned left and went, ‘no,’ and it just popped out. Luckily that one was just the ACL and it took me 10 months to come back from it.

The second one was during the second Mae Young. I did a dive to Rhea Ripley, which I have done 100 times. The ramp was really long at the time and I overshot it. My left toe was on the ramp but my heel was on the squishy floor, so my knee just went to the side, popped out of socket, and popped back as I hit the floor. I tore my ACL, MCL, both meniscus, and I broke my tibia as well.

I came back after a year, I wrestled Dakota in a street fight, in a cage match, did War Games. The entire storyline with Dakota we didn’t know I didn’t have an ACL again. At some point during the rehab process, it just popped out of the hole and got mangled up and we had no idea. It was really surreal it just wouldn’t bend. I was like, ‘it’s almost two years it’s still not bending.’ He was like, ‘let’s get an MRI to check,’ and he said, ‘yeah, you haven’t had an ACL for like two years.’”

After all that, she was brought up to SmackDown this year. This main roster push came at her being partnered with Shotzi Blackheart – they both having been brought up from NXT. Interestingly enough, Nox had just returned to the program after rehabbing an injury, ironically enough.

Despite this push, she and Shotzi were still split up, she being delegated to Raw although we have yet to see her on TV for the Raw brand, since the draft.

*Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

Domenic Marinelli

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