It can definitely be argued that Austin Theory has had the better of the main roster runs than any of the other recent NXT alumni. His current gimmick a la Randy Orton, attacking the legends on Raw, then adding his own twist with the whole selfie bit, is pretty interesting and has fans intrigued.

He was on WWE’s The Bump earlier today and he got to have exchanges with the legendary Bret Hart and Kevin Owens as well. The Bump crew asked him a plethora of questions. They went into his upcoming first-ever Survivor Series and just who inspired him to get into the business. They also asked him how it feels to have the run-ins he’s been having with WWE legends, especially Jeff Hardy.

“I look around, and I’m like, ‘I guess that’s the guy that I have to take out. Of course, the energy is up and exciting. But it’s like, wow, I get to show Jeff Hardy how good I am. I get to show Rey Mysterio that I’m the future, and that’s what I do.”

On John Cena, who got him into wanting to be a wrestler, and their back and forth exchanges on social media:


“Cena is the one who got me into all of this. [He’s] always motivating me to push through. John Cena was always that motivation. Yeah, not being signed to the WWE and having the biggest star just post my photo…that was insane to me.”

It was after Theory won the Evolve Championship that these exchanges started and Theory has claimed that without Cena, there would certainly be no Austin Theory. On what the future holds for Austin Theory, he said:

“I know I definitely want to step in the ring with Roman Reigns; one day. I wouldn’t say right now because I’m busy right now. What would be really good is getting a selfie with Roman, obviously laid out flat. I’d say John Cena is the ultimate goal.”

To see a match between Theory and Reigns would be pretty impressive for sure, but perhaps a match between he and Cena would be that much more impressive. We’ll have to wait for that to transpire, but for right now, we can catch Austin wreaking his havoc on Monday Night Raw and this Sunday at Survivor Series.

*Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

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