Jinder Mahal and Shanky had a little bit on SmackDown where the pair mocked rap music. Top Dolla did not like that at all, so he answered back with his own diss track.

The Hit Row member struck a nerve with the WWE audience when he dropped that diss track, because some felt he went too far. While poking fun at Mahal’s COVID-19 history and 3MB, fans didn’t like what Top Dolla had to rap about when he spit the following bars.

“To all of you lames, you’d rather stay in your lane than play these games. Maharaja means prince and you ain’t that. The way you rap it’s clear you hate rap, I state facts. Ain’t you the guy from 3MB, with COVID-19 you wouldn’t be an ill MC. You used to be a champion and that’s embarrassing, you’re arrogant. And I mean, you’re clearly a hater, I’d rather rap with Heath Slater. I’m like Curry from 3 when I’m grilling beef. Get it? Curry beef. It must be an emergency cause if you’re spitting purposely, I’m Top Dolla, you’re bottom rupee, if it was currency I need a bit of urgency because Jinder’s bars sound like he never heard the beat. Speaking of beats, I need to go and run it back. (Clip of Jinder and Shanky from SmackDown)…what the f**k is that? Shanky it looks like it hurts when you walk and we can definitely tell that it hurts when you talk. This beef is looking like a walk in the park. Sorry, not sorry that I pulled the thread on ya sari to start. And now just like that cloth y’all is falling apart

Top Dolla deleted that track since fans blew up his mentions in a big way after he dropped the song. He then responded on social media where he made it clear why he deleted his song and that people should have the same energy protecting his culture.


When Jinder & Shanky made jokes about “the culture” and turned their hat backwards, and beat boxed all the things that were making fun of MY CULTURE I literally laughed, and THEY know that. I responded with a track doing the same thing in fun with the point of entertainment.

Y’all in an uproar about a track that Jinder himself knew was coming. I’m over y’all flooding mentions so I deleted it. The whole point of this was for us to have a good time w/ what we are doing. If you think I was insensitive I just hope you have the same energy for MY CULTURE

We’ll have to see where this situation leads. Obviously, Hit Row isn’t going to let a shot go unanswered. Jinder Mahal found out the hard way. On that note, you can check out the deleted track below.

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