AEW Rampage is the company’s weekly Friday night show and the ratings haven’t been the greatest. Despite the dwindling viewership, AEW isn’t looking to change things up for Rampage yet.

While speaking at the media scrum following AEW Full Gear, Tony Khan discussed Rampage’s dominance in their time slot as they are often one of the top shows on Fridays nights.

“The numbers that we do are still one of the top shows. I think sometimes people think that the number that you do for Dynamite should be the exact number you do for Rampage, but it’s really an apples to oranges comparison.”

“It’s frequently the number one show in its time slot and it’s beating everything we’ve faced head to head. Very often it’s been one of the top shows, if not the number one show a number of times even out of that time slot on all of Friday night TV. Frequently it’s in the top 4 or 5 so what we do out of that slot is very impressive.”


“They’re really happy with the show, the fans they see if it doesn’t do as big a number as Dynamite to them it’s not as good. The fact is for the time slot it’s in, it’s performed really well and they’re really happy with it so I’m thrilled with it because it’s a great franchise for us. If it were ever to change and be in a different slot I would be the best I could in that slot too and whatever the standard is, if it were a slot where the averages were higher than we’d have to do a higher average. But the spot we’re in we do really really well. So yeah, it’s funny but the weeks that the Fast Nationals don’t leak it’s always a pretty good number, I wonder why. I wonder who leaks them. That’s subjective on their part. We all know what’s happening, I don’t think it’s particularly to their benefit.”

We’ll have to see if AEW Rampage ever changes their time slot. It seems that the company will carry on as they use their extra hour on Warner Media as another A Show.

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