There are perhaps those that would state that Hangman Adam Page is his own worst enemy. He is hard on himself, for sure. In the business of professional wrestling, that can be a detriment, as self-assuredness definitely goes a long way in the ring.

Adam Page recently sat down with Men’s Health to promote his match at Full Gear against Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship. There are those that think he’ll finally get the championship, but there are those that feel he isn’t ready, as Bully Ray so believes. He said as much on recent episode of Busted Open Radio, many concurring with his viewpoint.

On joining the Bullet Club, Page said:

“I was the guy who was the last to join the Bullet Club, on a house show that wasn’t even on TV. I was the guy who was getting beat in all these multi-man matches in New Japan, I was the guy who didn’t even have a winning record in New Japan’s G1 Climax tournament. It feels like a fresh thing in wrestling to be that honest about how you feel in that situation. But what other truth could there be than to feel inferior in this group?”


Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks wanted to address the issue brought up, both of them a tad shocked at what Page said.

“This is actually the first I’ve heard of that,” Matt Jackson said. “When we met Hangman all those years ago, he was really just a new, unknown shy kid hiding under a baseball cap at ROH. Nick, Kenny and myself were already pretty well known, well-traveled, established wrestlers.

I can see those original feelings he might’ve had when he initially met us, be something tough to shake off. It could be a little imposter’s syndrome, which I’d love to tell him goes away, but by experience, I don’t think it ever does. I hope he one day can look back from the beginning of our friendship and realize we were never competing, or sizing him up. We were welcoming him in to be one of us.”

“He’s never personally told Matt and I that,” Nick Jackson chimed in. “I feel like he’s crazy to think that way because he’s one of the best in the world. I feel like the fans think the same way about him. He’s become a superstar.”

Now what this means overall, is unclear. He seems to be rather disparaging to himself, and with Page, we’ve seen this before. Will he win come Saturday night? Who knows? It should be a tremendous match, however.

*Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote.

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