It’s Friday night, and you know what that means, it’s time for AEW Rampage and Ringside News has you covered with live results.

Start time for Rampage is scheduled for 10:00 PM EST Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight’s Rampage is the final show before the much-anticipated AEW Full Gear Saturday night. Tonight’s Rampage will feature Jungle Boy one on one with Bobby Fish as well as a Lumberjack match between Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy.

It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


Rampage begins live with Bobby Fish in the ring and Jungle Boy coming out for our opening match.

Jungle Boy vs Bobby Fish

Jungle Boy runs in the ring and the match begins. Jungle Boy hits punches and knee strikes in the corner. Jungle Boy goes to the ropes but Fish twists the arm to send Jungle Boy flying off the ropes to the outside. Fish slams Jungle Boy’s arms into the barricade. Back in the ring Fish slams Jungle Boy into the corner. Jungle Boy flips out of a suplex attempt and hits the arm drag off the ropes and follows with a drop kick. Jungle Boy hits a chop in the corner and goes for a suplex but Fish catches Jungle Boy on the apron and Fish sweeps Jungle Boy’s leg to send Jungle Boy to the apron. Fish throws Jungle Boy into the barricade. Jungle Boy reverses to send Fish into the ring post.

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Rampage returns with Fish charging to the corner and Jungle Boy hits an elbow. Jungle Boy hits a lariat. Fish spears Jungle Boy to the corner. Jungle Boy hits a belly to belly suplex to send Fish to the corner. Jungle Boy goes for a German suplex but Fish breaks free and throws Jungle Boy shoulder-first to the corner. Jungle Boy gets a roll up for a two count. Fish hits an exploder suplex to send Jungle Boy off the ropes and Fish covers for two. Fish hits a kick to the shoulder and Jungle Boy catches the second kick and gets the cross face submission hold and Fish taps out.

Winner: Jungle Boy

After the match Adam Cole runs to the ring and fights with Jungle Boy and Fish gets up to beat Jungle Boy down with Cole. Cole grabs two chairs and places Jungle Boy on one chair, Christian Cage and Luchasaurus run in to make the save as Cole flees. Christian hits the killswitch.

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Jade Cargill vs Santana Garrett

Our next match begins with a lock up and Cargill powers Garrett into the corner. Cargill throws Garret out of the ring and off the apron. Cargill throws Garrett over the barricade and into the crowd. Back in the ring Cargill hits a power slam into a cover for three.

Winner: Jade Cargill

After the match Red Velvet jumps the barricade to attack Cargill. Cargill and Red Velvet start fighting on the floor and referees have to force the two apart.

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Dante Martin vs Ariya Daivari

The match between the two hometown wrestlers begins with a lock up and Martin getting a quick roll up. Martin hits a huricanrana and hits a right hand. Martin goes off the ropes but Daivari catches and tosses martin to the corner. Martin gets caught in the ropes and Daivari hits a guillotine leg drop and covers for two. Daivari hits a kick to the gut and a drop kick to the head. Martin hits a sunset flip for a cover for two. Daivari hits a neck breaker and a lariat. Daivari goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash and covers for a two count. Martin hits an elbow and Daivari falls outside the ring and Martin follows with a springboard dive to the outside. Martin goes for a cover back in the ring for the three count.

Winner: Dante Martin

After the match Team Taz comes out to the ring. Ricky Starks says Team Taz has noticed Martin’s hot streak and Hook hands a contract to Martin. Starks tells Martin to look the contract over.

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Matt Hardy vs Orange Cassidy

Our Rampage main event lumberjack match begins with the heel lumberjacks taking out the Best Friends. In the ring Cassidy hits a take down and punches in the corner. Hardy throws Cassidy outside and Cassidy begins to fight off the lumberjacks. Hardy tries a twist of fate, Cassidy escapes but Hardy throws Cassidy outside and the Blade takes out Cassidy from behind and throws him back in the ring. Hardy hits a neck breaker and a leg drop.

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Back live with Hardy throwing Cassidy out of the ring. The lumberjacks attack Cassidy and the Best Friends dive to take out the heels. Cassidy gets back in the ring and throws Hardy out of the ring. Best Friends assist Cassidy to dive to the outside to take out everyone there. Cassidy goes to the top rope and hits a flying cross body. Hardy hits the side effect and covers for a two count. Hardy goes for the twist of fate but Cassidy escapes and hits the DDT. Cassidy kips up and hits orange punches to several lumberjacks who run into the ring. As the ref is distracted the Blade runs in to hit Cassidy with brass knuckles. Hardy goes for a cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the bell the lumberjacks continue to beat down Best Friends as Blade uses the brass knuckles again and Bunny takes the brass knuckles and hits Kris Statlander. Rampage ends with Matt Hardy standing tall in the ring.

That’s it for this week’s Rampage. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more Rampage coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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